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Lacrosse for me began as something all of my best friends did, so naturally I took a plunge and joined to see what all the hype was about. Not long after, I found I was able to quickly and easily connect with the game and from there fell in love. I have continued my lacrosse career into college and feel blessed to still be enjoying and learning from the game every day.

Women’s College Lacrosse: Playing at The Highest Level

Playing women’s college lacrosse at any level is a challenge, every situation is different. Each program has their own way of running things, and the level of dedication at each will depend on the coach and team. The three girls in this interview have all played at competitive schools in their respective division. If you want to truly play the game at a high level, you should expect experiences like these.

2018 Women’s Lacrosse Stringing Options & Updates

Are you a seasoned player looking to improve your stick’s stringing? Are you just beginning lacrosse and clueless to what stringing is best? Either way, you can always change up your stringing for a potentially better fit for your style. This can be especially useful if you’re just entering the collegiate or high school level of play.

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