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Lacrosse Dodges & Drills: The Bull Dodge, The Split Dodge, The Face Dodge

Speed wins in Lacrosse and that’s why it’s called the fastest sport on two feet. In lacrosse you need to be able to beat your man and speed is always a great tool to use. That doesn’t mean you need to be lightning quick to get by your opponent, but without any speed, you won’t do very well.  All you need to beat your defender is a mean dodge that leaves them in the dust.

Make Lacrosse Medicine Again: Maxwell Kelsey 2020

While the modern game of lacrosse is exciting, face-paced, and a growing display of our favorite sport in the world; it is also a far cry from the game’s origin. We aren’t saying that lacrosse should completely revert back to the Native version, but we met an incredible stick maker that guided us to understanding our game much better. Meet Maxwell Kelsey.

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