Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse Dodges & Drills: The Bull Dodge, The Split Dodge, The Face Dodge

Speed wins in Lacrosse and that’s why it’s called the fastest sport on two feet. In lacrosse you need to be able to beat your man and speed is always a great tool to use. That doesn’t mean you need to be lightning quick to get by your opponent, but without any speed, you won’t do very well.  All you need to beat your defender is a mean dodge that leaves them in the dust.

The All Backyard Team: Backyard Lacrosse & Its Importance

I’ve been playing in the backyard since I was born. Far before I ever picked up a lacrosse stick I was constantly playing outside with friends or by myself. Truthfully, I bet most of you grew up in a similar way, making due with what was available to you. My friends and I would use the woods as a home run marker or stumps in our yard as end zone pylons. This was just how it was and how it still is for many kids around the world. The backyard is our sanctuary, but it should really be your office. Using the backyard as a resource for your skills is a tried and true method to becoming one of the best, it just takes time and determination.

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