General FAQ

Email us! Tweet us! Comment on our Instagram photos! DM us on any social media! We are able to be contacted through several outlets and we encourage you to use the form you are most comfortable with to get in contact with us. This also means that we hope you reach out to us with any questions or suggestions you might have. We are always trying to improve and do a better job of helping you, but without your feedback, we will never know exactly how to that. As a team we pride ourselves on being in contact with our readers and having an open conversation with anyone at any time; so don’t be shy!

Let us help you! Whatever your goal is in lacrosse, Stringers Society is here to help you achieve that goal. If you are looking for somewhere to play, for coaches to get in contact with, for drills to use, or for help with your stick and you are unsure where to start your search…we would love to help. Simply get in contact with us through one of our several means of communication and we will respond as soon as we can to help you help others, or help yourself.

At Stringers Society we put out new content every single week and we try to provide readers with new content every day if possible. In our effort to educate the lacrosse community and bring players/coaches/fans/parents together we create content as often as we can, but our team can not accomplish this alone. We can always use help with ideas for articles, experiments, and pieces of content; so please reach out to us with any ideas you want to see or think would be helpful!

When we started playing lacrosse we didn’t have much guidance. Most of our early careers were made up of guess and check work with little direction until we got older and better understood the game from years of playing. This means the culture, history, attitude, and basis of the sport; not just playing it. Many players can point to an individual in their life that was able to help them better understand the background of lacrosse to be a better, more educated player; but some players never get that help which is why we started helping others. All we are getting out of this is the opportunity to grow the game and help players become the players that they want to be, so why not lend a hand that you wish was lent to you?

Lacrosse FAQ

Yes, Lacrosse Balls are hard & made from solid rubber.

A lacrosse ball is not hollow rather than solid rubber.

I occasionally wash my lacrosse gloves in the washing machine but not frequently. If you have leather palms I would stay away from Machine Washing but once a year is fine. Toss them in a pillow case to be safe and air dry.

I would check your specific airline to be sure but I have never had an issue of taking my stick on an Airplane.