An Intro to Stringers Society

With the game of lacrosse gaining more and more momentum every day, lacrosse equipment and products are evolving as well. Stringers Society was developed by college players who wanted to share knowledge and resources available to players so they could have more time to work on improving the game. We wanted to create a community where players could share, engage, and collaborate with others. With the goal of teaching the least experienced players to better maintain and string, while also helping foster creative expansion among the elite. With the help of informational tutorials, diverse blog discussions, and spotlighting the most cutting edge advancements in stringing/lacrosse technology.

Stringers Society Crews Goal

Stringers Society aims to provide Lacrosse players at all levels quality information and education on lacrosse, along with other parts of the game, that will help them elevate their level of play. By recognizing that your stringing, and other equipment, can effect how you play you can adjust and tend to these parts of your game in order to be a better player. This platform for learning will also hope to be a collaborative environment that will foster constructive criticism and input from other educated sources in the Lacrosse community, purely as a means of teaching other players how to excel at the game of Lacrosse.

Make Lacrosse Medicine Again.

Our Mission is to educate many people as we can about the sport of lacrosse. Education is a tool that can be used by any player, coach, or parent to not only grow the game but also improve the game. By spreading education to more people who are involved with lacrosse we can also bring the community of stringers and players closer together by making everyone more knowledgeable.

You have to crawl before you can walk.

Our vision is to get lacrosse to the forefront of the sports world and bring more people together with this amazing sport. We truthfully believe that lacrosse offers a background and style that is unique to lacrosse; other sports just don’t have the same feeling when you are playing. The feeling of connection between you and your stick, you and your teammates, and you with the history of lacrosse is extremely special. It is something we want everyone to be able to experience. With more collaboration among stringers and players we are sure that bringing this incredible game to anyone who wants to play it can be a reality that we all live in.

“Walking living legend, man I feel like Kobe.” – Kanye West