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NFHS High School Rule Changes For Lacrosse

The changes for 2018 NFHS will hopefully make the game safer and more fun for everyone involved. For more Lacrosse Rules check out the link to learn more.

Lacrosse Stringing Rule Changes For NFHS Boys Lacrosse

  • Pockets made with nontraditional synthetic material, or what we like to call Post Traditional Lacrosse Pockets, have been adopted and are now legal for play.
    • Must Meet Specifications 1-7.

Heres a refresher on Lacrosse Stringing Rules

Lacrosse Head Change For NFHS Boys Lacrosse

Rules Regarding Goals in NFHS Lacrosse

  • A goal shall be disallowed if a shot is released after the game horn sounds to indicate the end of the period.
  • A goal shall be allowed if the shot is released prior to the end of the period.

Lacrosse Penalty Rule Changes

  • PENALTY: Conduct foul on the defensive player. A second violation by the player team will be enforced as releasable unsportsmanlike conduct, served by the offending player.
  • Resuming Play After a Penalty: When a penalty occurs and the ball is in the offended team’s offensive half of the field, the ball shall be put in play by the team awarded the ball, at the spot where the ball was when play was suspended.
    • If the ball was in the goal area when play was suspended, it shall be restarted nearest to the spot of the ball at the time of the whistle, 20 yards laterally outside the goal area.

Boys & Girls High School Lacrosse Rule Changes

  • NFHS adopted the 120-yard unified girls and boys field, as an option.
  • Starting in 2022, the home team will be required to wear white jerseys, and the away team will be required to wear non-white jerseys.

Boys High School Face-Off Rule Changes

  • The official shall make certain that the reverse surfaces of the crosses match evenly in that the top of one head lines up with the throat of the other and are perpendicular to the ground.
  • A contrasting color between the head and the top glove must be visible on the shaft at face-offs. The circumference of the shaft shall not exceed 3.5 inches

Full Article: 2018 Face Off Changes In Lacrosse

Illegal Procedure Update NFHS Lacrosse Rules

  • Failure to wear your mouthpiece properly will lead to an illegal procedure unless it falls out.

Stall Warning Rules

Here’s a list of what can currently stop a stall warning:

  • A goal is scored
  • A shot that hits the goal pipes
  • A shot that hits the goalie or hits his equipment
  • The defensive team gains possession
  • The period ends resulting in a faceoff

A shot remains a shot until:

  • The ball comes to rest on the field
  • The ball hits the ground and goes past the goal
  • Possession is gained by any member of the defensive team; or
  • After hitting the goalkeeper, goalkeeper equipment, goal posts or crossbar, the ball is touched by any player of either team other than the defending goalkeeper, or an official

NFHS Boys Lacrosse Offical Rule Interpretations

NFHS Girls Lacrosse Offical Rule Interpretations

Look out for our upcoming girl’s article on lacrosse rule changes for the women’s game.

Source: The Official US Lacrosse Presentation on Rule Changes

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