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Breaking Down Lacrosse Pocket Options For My Home Girls

There are many different effects that stringing can have on how one plays their position, and each player is different. Learning about a new option may spark your interest if it sounds helpful. Then trying it out can open your world up to new abilities and strategies to use with certain sticks. Just to give you a taste, I’m going to break down four common styles seen in women’s lacrosse. Our four highlights are the STX Exult 500 (midfielder), the STX Fortress 600 (defender), some new mesh stringing, and traditional stringing basics.

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STX Exault 500 Women’s Lacrosse Head & Stringing

The Exult 500 by STX has become a standard style in the game, especially for the versatile midfielder. Described as designed for the “elite midfielder”, features on the head aid in specific midfield roles, such as the draw.

  • The head was created with a stiff sidewall which allows the stick to strongly hold its form while held against an opponent’s stick.
  • The head shape itself is quite small which allows the head to almost fit inside an opponent’s, aiding the player to dig the ball out and win the draw control.
  • The stringing is also an innovative form for the heads. The crated string-lock prevents the strings from becoming illegal, which is always a huge problem in the women’s game.
  • With the plastic that is used, the stringing stays set without much stretching, again, helping the pocket maintain the correct depth.
  • A final feature in the Exult 500 is the 10-degree tilt in the head. With the head offset by 10 degrees, this forces the ball to get high into the sweet spot of the stick. This is desirable for midfielders as they need quick and accurate releases and passes that best come from the ball in the sweet spot.

STX Fortress 600 Women’s Lacrosse Head & Stringing

The Fortress 600 is another design by STX, intended for the “elite defender.” The product is created to uphold the intensity that comes along with being a defensive player. Certain technologies in the head help the defender in ways that wouldn’t aid an attacker.


  • The head has a pinched-face shape that allows for better ball control.
  • The optimal scoop feature allows for a wider range that aids in ground ball pickups.
  • This head incorporates the 10-degree tilt as well that again, get the ball into the sweet spot quickly to deliver quick ball release and better feel.
  • The C-channel feature on the wall of the head is engineered for adding strength and support. This helps in delivering checks and having a strong stick for knock-downs and interceptions.
  • Lastly, this pocket also incorporates the string lock which will keep the pockets set and in place, without the pocket becoming illegal. The Fortress overall is a durable design with intricate features to best fit the defensive player.

Lacrosse Mesh Is Now An Option Ladies!

For the 2018 season, mesh stringing has been approved for all women’s lacrosse. Using mesh in our pockets helps simplify the typically confusing rules and regulations of stringing.  There are several benefits that come with using a mesh head. Mesh heads could ultimately increase your control and accuracy overnight. Starting with mesh will also create an easier transition to learning the basics of the game like throwing and catching. With an easy give and a light hold, players will pick up on the techniques crucial for the game very quickly. With this new form of lacrosse stringing, a couple things are still required in the head. For one, shooting strings must still be present on the sidewall of the head, which will keep the pocket from forming too deep. Also, the depth of the pocket must still allow for a portion of the ball to be seen above the head. It will be very interesting to see if seasoned players make the plunge to trying this new stringing and what the general preference of mesh will become.

Traditional Stringing With Leather Runners

Being one of the most classic designs for women’s stringing, the traditional method is a popular choice among players. A typical traditional design involves a combination of leather string and cross-lace. The leather provides unique benefits to the women’s stick. The leather creates a soft resting place for the ball that creates an easy facility for cradling and general ball hold. Also, with the leather strings, there is a more detailed feel in the release of the ball from the stick; you strongly feel every position of the ball within the head on its way out for a shot or pass.

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There are a few downsides to stringing with leather runners:

  • The leather is hard to string and expensive to have strung for you.
  • Leather requires maintenance, adjustments, and lots of care.
  • If you use leather you should know how to string. Adjusting can be needed mid-game if there are bad conditions.

In the end, using mesh versus traditional all comes down to preference. A mesh stick is a simpler design that is easier for learning. It’s also very easy to maintain mesh so your fundamentals become more consistent. Once fundamentals are established, more complex moves can be mastered thanks to the initial better hold of mesh. Traditional is classic and when properly maintained it is the best feel available. Either way, you can’t lose if you stay true to yourself.

A Final Note: Womens Lacrosse Stringing Options

There are endless options of products and styles in women’s lacrosse so don’t stop exploring. These are just some common introductions to variable styles. While each description looks position oriented, this isn’t an ultimate authority on that product’s use. Each player is different, so it is important to recognize what your needs as a player are and find the product to fit you. You wouldn’t try to fit yourself into a style for a product just like how you wouldn’t fit into shoes that are too small. Do your research when deciding on a product and ask questions too. Becoming more knowledgeable about the stick only helps you use it better.

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