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Two lacrosse companies both known for their progressive technology have teamed up to work on advancing flat knitted mesh. Epoch Lacrosse, a leader in composite shafts and player-oriented products, has decided to partner with Channel Mesh. If you haven’t heard of Channel Mesh then you’re missing out. Channel Mesh is a flat knitted one-piece mesh that is easily attached to any head. The mesh has varied sizes of holes and the ability to include shooters, but they are not needed. These two companies collaborating is MASSIVE for the future of lacrosse! Don’t underestimate my seriousness when I say that I expect their product to be far more applicable and enjoyable than a Warp. Mark my words.

Channel Mesh & Epoch Lacrosse: A Major Advancement

The research and technology that these two companies apply to creating their products are of the highest level. Besides being one of the official mesh partners of the MLL, Channel Mesh is the first company to produce flat knitted mesh. Epoch also incorporates an elite grade of product development and player preference into all their products. These two will be doing big things in the future, and drastically changing the lacrosse market.


To comment on the partnership, our friend and Epoch CEO James Miceli talked about the importance of considering the player in the product. He noted that, “The ability to customize the performance of a player’s pocket will always be a basic and fundamental part of lacrosse, and we believe flat knitted mesh can provide great pocket performance for today’s modern players.”

The Wave of Consistency

Consistency is a massive concern for players these days and all companies preach that they have it. This isn’t really true for any company. The only thing you can do is provide the lowest level of inconsistency for players. I’ve always believed that Channel Mesh was a huge development and a diamond in rough of experimental meshes. With so many companies trying new things it is difficult to see when a product has true value like Channel Mesh.

Their new product line with Epoch Lacrosse should be something out of this world and I can’t wait to see it. If I had to guess, I would anticipate an even easier attachment system and a wider range of diamond sizes. Very large diamonds in the pocket area, similar to 3D mesh, with very intricate patterns of small diamonds going towards the scoop.

Eyes on The Prize

If Epoch Lacrosse and Channel Mesh want their product to be successful they need it to be practical. I do think that the original Channel Mesh U and the advanced lines are very practical and useful. What I don’t think they are is inviting. People are creatures of habit and not all players are open to new products. Most of the best players I know live by “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and they aren’t changing. This means that the newest line must appeal to the youngest players.

Those who are the future of lacrosse will hopefully grow up on Channel Mesh the way I grew up on hard mesh. Not weather-proof, waxed, version 3, water resistant, or player promoted. Regular old hard mesh. Mesh didn’t even come in a package when I bought mesh until after high school. I only hope that this new line of Channel Mesh from Epoch is all that I know it will be: the future of lacrosse.

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