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Experiencing LaxCon 2018 With Stringers Society

Our weekend at LaxCon 2018 was one for the books. A long drive started and ended our journey, with amazing memories and friendships filling between them. Every second of driving was worth it, but unfortunately most lacrosse players can’t make the drive. School, work, and life can all get in the way; so we brought LaxCon 2018 to you. There are plenty more interviews with different companies, fans, pros, and enthusiasts than shown, but these are some sneak peaks we wanted to give you now. Look forward to all the FULL-LENGTH INTERVIEWS to come! We will also be doing reviews, more detailed interviews, and articles of plenty of these companies too. As always, we at Stringers Society want to make sure that you get the very best lacrosse content available. Let us know who you’re favorites are, and reach out to us if we didn’t get a chance to chat at LaxCon 2018.

FULL INTERVIEWS COMING SOON Subscribe, share, and comment who you’re the favorite previewed interview. Stay tuned for the full-length videos from both our days at LaxCon that will be uploaded over the next few weeks.

Filmed At: Baltimore Convention Center Jan. 19-21

Questions? Email us at (stringerssociety@gmail.com)

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