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Lacrosse Positions For New Players

Lacrosse has been around since the Native American’s and was the little brother to war. It is commonly considered the medicine game. This article isn’t going to discuss how the game came to be and what the true meaning of lacrosse is. If you want that, check out our other article Make Medicine Great Again by our content writer Nick Bonsignore. Instead, we are going to break down the game for the newbies of lacrosse and we are going to break it down by positions. There are four basic Lacrosse Positions which are the goalie, midfielder, defender, and attack.

Lacrosse Goalies

Starting off with the goalie, he is the man between the pipes. His main objective is to stop the ball from entering the cage. When the competition level of the game increases from middle school to high school, to college, to professional the goalie’s job becomes more important. Once you get to the high school level, the keeper is the quarterback of the defense, calling out when to slide or yelling out to his defenders where they are at on the field so they know when to engage the opponent. In my humble opinion, it takes a special type of person who is voluntarily stepping in front of the shot.


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Lacrosse Defenders

Building off of the goalie, the defense is next. These are the guys with the massive six-foot poles that guard the goal. They are usually the biggest and strongest guys on your team who also have good footwork. In order to be a defender, one should not be afraid to get physical with the opponent. Their main goal as a defensive unit is to stop the ball at all cost and get the ball down to the other end of the field, to their offensive unit.

Lacrosse Midfielders or “Middies”

Once the defense stops the ball the next step is to get it down to the offense, this is where the midfield comes into play. The midfielders are able to run up and down the field freely when compared to the defense and attack who can only run on half of the field in order to stay onsides. Midfielders are usually the guys on the team who can play both offense and defense well. They are also probably some of your fastest teammates. The main characteristics of the midfielders are to have a generally good stick and know both sides of the ball. They are key contributors to both offense and defense.

Attack Lacrosse Players

Once the midfielder gets the ball down to the offensive side of the ball, they then work in unison with the attack unit in order to generate some offense so they can score. The attackman is your usually quick and shifty player. They are players who have very good ball handling skills and are not afraid to dodge the big defenders that are on them. Attackman is very smart and strategic with the ball, they want to make the most of the possession, that way your team isn’t playing defense the whole game.

Closing Thoughts: lacrosse positions 101

The game of lacrosse has a lot more rules and guidelines to abide by but the point of the article was to outline the general positions of lacrosse for the new player. Each position as a unique role in the beautiful game of lacrosse. Just like any team based sport, the team must work as one in order to achieve a common goal.

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