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nThe NCAA has these things called “rules” that they are very fond of and want to protect. They also tend to get aggravated and upset when individuals break their rules. You can see many cases of this throughout history with programs like Penn State Football, Syracuse Lacrosse, SMU Football, Bo Jackson’s coaches, and BC Basketball among others. There are penalties for these offenses that can prevent players from getting on the field and ruin their career. One such rule that can get coaches and players alike in trouble is that of “No Contact”, “Quiet”, and “Dead” periods. Here is a quick rundown on the rules to make your recruiting journey a smoother ride.

NCAA Recruiting Calendar: Contact With NCAA Coaches

Contact with the coach of a team that is interested in you, or that you are interested in, is always a good idea. Being able to clearly communicate what you are looking for in a college and what you expect from a team really helps coaches evaluate you as an individual. Keep in mind that you are not just getting recruited as a player, you are getting recruited as a person.

Honesty is the best policy. Always be upfront with your past and what you want for the future. If, for example, your grades aren’t stellar and you are worried you might not get accepted, tell the coach early so that they can either help you with admissions or discuss other options. Lying, deceiving, or hiding information will only hurt you later on. Prospective coaches are looking for players that they can trust and if you don’t present yourself correctly you won’t capitalize on your offers.

Also, remember that you should be persistent, but not one to pester. It is a good idea to stay in contact with coaches on a regular basis, but you aren’t the only player they are recruiting. Sending an email every day can be overbearing, but on the flip side not responding is disrespectful. A healthy balance will go a long way and prepare you for the future. Recruiting is a business, so treat this like a business transaction and be professional.

NCAA Recruiting Calendar: Quiet Periods

A Quiet Period is a length of time that restricts the contact that you can have with a coach. These are only periods that apply to NCAA divisions 1 & 2, not division 3. This means that if you are looking to play division 3 Lacrosse you can always contact coaches freely. The Quiet Periods restrict off-campus evaluation and face to face contact with coaches for NCAA divisions 1 & 2.

This means that you are not able to have NCAA division 1 or 2 coaches watch you play or meet with you off their campus. You are still allowed to contact them over the phone, email, mail, or text during this time. If you really want to have a face to face with a coach during one of these periods you must meet them on their campus. You may have an unofficial or official visit during these periods, but you may not leave campus with the coach at all.

NCAA Recruiting Calendar: Dead Periods

A Dead Period is a period in which you may not see NCAA division 1 or 2 coaches at all. You are still allowed to visit colleges and tour the campus, you just aren’t allowed to talk to the coach on the visit. Contact with coaches is also still allowed during this period. So don’t be a ghost during this period, just don’t see the coach in person. Violations such as meeting during a contact period can ruin your chances of playing for that team. If you are the one that causes a problem, such as a coach suspension, you likely will not be asked to play there. So it is always in your best interest to follow all the rules.

NCAA Recruiting Calendar: Quiet Period Dates & Dead Period Dates

There are specific dates for Quiet/Dead Periods that you must abide by. Here is a list that details how exactly the calendar is broken down. Dead Periods can really creep up on you and you are responsible for knowing when they are.

NCAA Recruiting Calendar Dates:

July-August 7, 2017                                   Contact Period

August 8-14, 2017                                       Quiet Period

*August 15-31, 2017                                      Dead Period

September 1- October 31, 2017                Contact Period (No Lacrosse Evaluation)

November 1-5, 2017                                   Contact Period

*November 6-9, 2017                                   Dead Period

November 10-19, 2017                               Contact Period

*November 20-26, 2017                              Dead Period

November 27-December 23, 2017           Quiet Period

*December 24-January 7, 2018                  Dead Period

January 8-15, 2018                                      Contact Period (No Lacrosse Evaluation)

January 16-February 28, 2018                  Quiet Period

March 1-April 8, 2018                                 Contact Period

*April 9-12, 2018                                            Dead Period

April 13-May 24, 2018                                 Contact Period

*May 25-29 (noon), 2018                             Dead Period

May 29 (noon)-July 1, 2018                      Contact Period

*July 2-6, 2018                                              Dead Period

July 7-31, 2018                                             Contact Period

Other Things to Consider

You are only allowed 5 official visits during your recruiting process so use them wisely. They should be taken during contact or quiet periods and should really help with your decision. We have a great article that is more in-depth in the recruiting process that you should check out. Besides that article, we are always looking for new aspects to cover so please contact us with any ideas you may have. For now, keep crushing it.

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