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We all play lacrosse, coach lacrosse, or watch lacrosse because we love the game. And even if you don’t “love” lacrosse, you love someone who loves the game so much that you are stuck loving it. No matter what, lacrosse has made a big impact on your life and seeing it progress is always a delight. Some of us wait for innovations to happen, but then there are some of us who just make innovations happen.

Rocket Mesh is Lacrosse Growth at its Finest

Our great friend Dex, the creator of Rocket Mesh, is a driving inspiration to us. At Stringers Society we like to pride ourselves on our work ethic and commitment to lacrosse, but Dex goes above and beyond. We, unfortunately, are no comparison to him.

Dex is someone who is doing amazing work for lacrosse without ever being a player. He told us how lacrosse is not new to him and that he has been around the game for a while. He even had his own stick growing up; however, Dex never actually played on a team. This didn’t stop him from signing up his son for lacrosse and then starting his own company after that.

His mission was to provide players with products that aren’t priced for profit, while also giving them something that works better than what they currently have. I know. You’ve heard this spiel before, but Dex and Rocket Mesh take this idea to a brand new level. He has a few surprises up his sleeves when it comes to his products.

Performance Lacrosse Mesh Backed By Purpose

As previously mentioned, Dex wants to supply players with a product that exceeds the quality of what they currently have. His approach to that issue was using better materials and a conscious effort improve the idea behind the product. By trying to develop performance mesh that was logistically superior to other meshes, Dex was able to explore areas of production other companies don’t.

His background in engineering gave his experience and an outside perspective to creating his performance mesh. Dex developed Rocket Mesh with Dyneema, a material that is much more resilient than any other company’s fibers. This military grade fiber is incredibly strong and has a ridiculously low stretch point which means a pocket that ends where it began. You don’t have to rework your stringing after wear because there is no variance in the pocket. We also have a complete article describing this awesome mesh and how it works in case you want to know more.

Along with the mesh, Dex has created THE BEST BUTTEND OF ALL TIME! Again, we have a full article on the buttend because they are so great. The tapesaver buttend only needs one small piece of tape to apply and it’s amazing. It truly embodies the name tapesaver buttend, and it also is hard enough to secure your grip. No more wobbly hands on the bottom of your stick thanks to the tapesaver buttend from Rocket Mesh. You see, these advancements are solving issues that real players have rather than create new problems for them.

tapesaver butt end rocketmesh

Influence From Innovation – The Rocket Mesh Way

One of the reasons Dex was so enthused about creating a new mesh was because he didn’t see great options out there for his son. After visiting Dick’s Sporting Goods and checking out the pre-strung sticks he was convinced there needed to be a change. This lead to the idea of creating Rocket Mesh, but what has come about after is a whole new story.


Dex is always on social media promoting, engaging, and being there to help. He truly stands by his product with more pride than anyone I have talked to. This attitude of approachability and helpfulness has made Rocket Mesh a reliable source for actually learning about products from the source. I highly encourage reaching out to get a better understanding and watch them grow as a company.

Their progress will hopefully be rapid and we are sure that Dex is already brewing up new ideas constantly. He is a special creator that is here to make lacrosse better one stick at a time. All the details are there for Dex’s success and he is creating products that you will no doubt enjoy. Every piece is in place, from the quality of the mesh to the custom Rocket Mesh keychains we received. This all comes together to complete the idea of Rocket Mesh, a brand that was made so that players can enjoy the game more than the people making the products. I hope you all get a piece of Rocket Mesh and a tapesaver buttend so that you can try it for yourself and believe in this company as much as I do.

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