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The Hero We Need, But One We Don’t Always Deserve

If you played lacrosse, and didn’t start late in high school, chances are that your Mom has taken you to a fair share of practices, games, camps, or to the store. If this is the case stop reading this and go thank your Lax Mom, or call/text her. Thanks for doing that. Always a good idea to let your Mom know how much she means to you.Without her, your Lacrosse career would likely not be what it is today.

Now don’t get me wrong Lax Dads are also incredible people. They deserve your thanks as well, but Lax Moms offer a different skill-set and support you in a different way than any Lax Dad can. No Lax Mom has ever played competitive Men’s Lacrosse and if your Mom is like mine, she probably didn’t even hear about Lacrosse until you started playing. Your Mom has probably never even played catch with a stick, but she is always cheering unconditionally.

A Different Breed of Love

Most of the time your Dad will be more knowledgeable about Lacrosse than your Mom. This isn’t to slight Lax Moms. It’s just true that they likely have had less exposure to the sport than your Dad has. Even if that isn’t the case, then your Mom is at a disadvantage for knowing the history or rules of Men’s Lacrosse. If she ever played, then she played Women’s Lacrosse which you know is very, very different.

Regardless, many Lacrosse players don’t have parents that know a lot about Lacrosse. The effort the put in to try to understand Lacrosse, and their persistent cheering is what makes Lax Mom’s so special. That Lax Mom simply loves you. It doesn’t matter if you are the lead goal scorer, or the first year player wishing for some minutes on the field, your Lax Mom is always your most faithful fan section. They drive to away games. They sit in the blistering cold and scorching sun. These women don’t need to know the difference between an open set and a closed set , they know that they would do anything for you. And they don’t always get a “Thank-You”. It’s your job to return the favor. Being a great player may be fun and get you playing time, but being a great son is far more important.

The Women With The Know-How

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all Lax Moms are clueless to what is going on. They know when you’re doing well and they know when you aren’t. Most Moms even know some of the rules like offsides, the crease rules, or faceoff setups. Then there are some Lax Moms that know the game even better than you do. That is a woman who deserves your respect.

I have had compelling conversations with Lax Moms that bring up parts of the game that truly surprise me. These women have been around the game for years, and they care just as much as you; if not more. There are many Lax Moms that have spent their time learning the game, while simultaneously becoming incredible fans. These Moms do everything. It’s more than a game to them and they have learned to love Lacrosse as their own passion. All the time and effort that these Moms dedicate to the game is astounding and inspiring in my opinion. It’s one thing to love your child, but to truly love what they do and embrace it as your own is very special. These Moms are broadening the Lacrosse community, and always making sure that we are happy and well fed too!

I Love Lax Moms!

I love Lacrosse and almost every week I dedicate over 30 hours to the sport; but, I actually play lacrosse so that makes sense. To the Moms that take the time out of their schedules to help their children follow their dream and passion of playing: Thank You, again. Thank You a million times. Because without my Mom I would have never been able to take my career to the next level and play in college. Without my Mom or any other Lax Mom that has sacrificed their time for the sake of their kid’s passion for Lacrosse; you are the reason that this incredible sport has grown at the rate that it has. We owe it all to you.

Lax Mom’s really do sacrifice so much for us and we never can repay them. At this point, you shouldn’t focus on how to make up for what they have done; instead, start making more memories with them. Take your Lax Mom out to brunch (or make one for her at home)! Go shopping with her and snag some clothes that don’t say “Insert Your Team Name Here Lacrosse”! Clean your house with (or for) your Mom! Just spend some time with her to make up for all she does, and make sure she has a great Mother’s Day!

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