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Traditional Lacrosse Pockets from the Experts

This week Stringers Society thought it would fun to highlight some of the best traditional lacrosse stringers on Instagram that consistently inspire us. Each one of these stringers’ Instagram names has been hyperlinked to their account so you can go check out their work yourself. Personally, I found that when I first started stringing traditional lacrosse pockets looking at others’ work gave me clarity on how to string and methods to build upon. When you look at a specific Stringer’s work be sure to actually try to identify certain concepts of their stringing.

Things To Look for:

  • Size of the diamonds
  • Tensioning of the string. Where is it tight & where is it loose.
  • Distance (horizontal & vertical) between diamonds
  • Pocket Placement & Shooting String Placement
  • Tie-Offs of the cross-lace
  • Sidewall Spacialignmentllignment with diamonds
  • Knots Used both on the sidewall & in the pocket
  • How They attached & Tied off the leathers

String_Pro | 15 Years of lacrosse stringing experience

  • Self Taught Stringer From Connecticut
  • String League Top 25  | See Here
  • Very clean & creative work with traditional lacrosse pockets
  • Fun Fact: He has strung pockets for three different continents
  •  Check out one of our favorite pockets of his here


Taylor Smoke | [ laxsmoke26 ] Smokin Stringz Lacrosse Stringing

  • Mesh, Traditional, & Hybrid Stringer
  • Email Aroniake26@gmail.com for custom stringing
  • Competed in String League | Check his crazy coil pocket here from the top 25
  • He has a really nicely strung RP3 with 6d Lax Room Mesh Here


Kevin Youngs |  [ kjstringz29 ] LaxRoom.com

  • I’ve been following Kevin for a while now & always found his work to be super clean as well as creative.
  • He’s not as active as others but when he puts out a photo is always an eye-catcher
  • When I reached out for advice before running Stringers Society he provided me great advice on a pocket
  • Our favorite aspect of his stringing is his tie-offs. (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3)


Connor Wilson | [ oconnorwilson ] LaxAllStars.com #growthegame

  • Connor is most known for LaxAllStars which has great stringing resources for players
  • Many great stringing tutorials on youtube which you can find here
  • Has moved away from but not completely the stringing/reviews content to more industry & game anylysis
  • Inspired me to string my first traditional strung stick
  • He has a floating sidewall concept he shared that I absolutely love
oconnorwilson, Connor Wilson, laxallstars

“Connor is the Publisher of LacrosseAllStars.com. He lives in Brooklyn with his better half, continues to play and coach both box and field lacrosse in NYC as much as possible, and covers the great game that is lacrosse full-time. He spends his spare time stringing sticks and watching Futurama.”

Phillip Pierce | [ spawnofpipo ] spawnofpipo.com

  • His Favorite Traditional is the Shook Shakedown which he executes perfectly see here
  • Known for both Traditional & Mesh stringing
  • Works at Lacrosse Unlimited
  • Has a great channel on Youtube filled with a bunch of Lacrosse Stringing Resources & Theory (Here)
spawn of Pipo, Phillip pierce

“Lacrosse is a smorgasbord of history and culture. Unfortunately, these things are all too easily forgotten or swept under the rug. Too often you see companies grow on good intentions then become sullied by ego and greed because they’ve lost sight of why they originally started their journey. With over a decade of knowledge and experience regarding stringing and gear, SoP strives to remain humble in remembering it’s rooted and staying loyal to two things: 1-The sport of lacrosse. 2-The players.”

Thomas | [ tradsxthomas ] Traditional & Mesh Lacrosse Stringer

  • Thomas runs a younger account that we have enjoyed watching progress over the time
  • He has an awesome collection of Traditional Wooden Sticks that can be found here
  • His stringing services are based out of St. Paul, MN
  • TradsxThomas also strung up a surgeon 700 that’s pretty sweet here


These Stringers have put the hours in to perfect their craft and now you can easily learn from them. Admire their skill, but also embrace and use their stringing as an influence. Stringing is an art after all and the GREAT Pablo Picasso once said “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” His message is to work until you can do exactly what these great stringers can do exactly like how they do it.

If you believe you are someone that can hang with the best please reach out to us if we haven’t already contacted you. We are always eager to see new stringing styles and concepts. We are simply fans and enthusiasts wishing to display your work on the highest level. Our Instagram, Twitter, or email (stringerssociety@gmail.com) are always great ways to reach us with your work or to say “hey”. The very best Stringers deserve recognition and praise; we want to be the ones to help them get the glory they have earned.


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