Warrior Evo 5 Review

Warrior Evo 4X With String King 3X 5 3 1024x683 - Warrior Evo 5 With String King 3x

The Setup:

  • Warrior Evo 5x
  • String King 3x
  • Mid Pocket with a Medium Channel
  • 9 Dimond Hidden Top String
  • Superior Ball Control
  • Low Whip

The Warrior Evo X is for two types of Players

Outside Shooters

It is a wide head that has been reliable for outside shooters that play both attack and midfield. If you are the type of midfielder who has a large wind up dodging down the alley or an attack men who like to shoot from low angles then, you should consider picking up a Warrior Evo.

Feeders From X or Midfield

The Warrior Evo 5x is also primarily used by the feeders on the field looking to pick some apples. The wideness of the head provides players with the complete ability to control the ball.

First Impressions:

The Warrior Evo is a head that has been around the block a time or two. There have been so many different variations of this head it has provided players with a reliable head that has been true for all attackmen players for years. With Warrior releasing the new Evo 5 the head posses all of the traditional characters of the original Evo. The two characteristics that pop in my mind when I think of the Evo is lightweight and a nice stiff head. Weighing in at 4.6 oz the heads is a well-balanced head build. The 5 is nothing different, designed for attackmen, the Evo is legal for both NCAA and high school players.

Warrior Evo X Characteristics

Warrior has incorporated the new tilt-tech string hole design which aims to improve pocket tension for a better ball release. 2Coming from a player’s point of view the Evo is a great head but there are some negatives about the Warrior Evo. The Achilles heel to the Evo is that over time the head tends pinch near the neck of the head. Having played lacrosse for 13 year every Evo that I have owned has either cracked or broken near the throat of the head due to the tendency to pinch over time.

For the Stingers Out There:

When it comes to picking out a head that suits the style of play you are, one must consider that hole pattern on the head. The Evo allows the player to utilize the head to the fullest potential. The holes allow the player to create a more defined channel in their pocket. You can literally try so many different patterns with this head because of the number of sidewall holes.

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StringKing Type 3x Lacrosse Mesh Piece (White)ir?t=1776850 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B017HWE9DW - Warrior Evo 5 With String King 3x
StringKing (1-Pack) Semi-Hard Lacrosse Performance Mesh Handy Stringing Kit Type 3X Type-3X-Handy-KIT-WHT-1Pir?t=1776850 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B017HWDWYY - Warrior Evo 5 With String King 3x
Warrior Evo 5 Strung Lacrosse Sticks, Whiteir?t=1776850 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01KV9P68A - Warrior Evo 5 With String King 3x

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