9 Diamond hidden top string tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to string a 9 diamond hidden top string step by step. The difference between a standard 9d top string and a hidden 9d top string is how the mesh is attached to the scoop. While a standard top string lock down the mesh to the scoop a hidden top string has a float between the mesh and scoop but held in place by the top string. See the figure below for a visual representation.

9 diamond hidden top explanation 1024x683 - 9 Diamond Hidden Top String Tutorial

A couple of quick tips for the 9 diamond hidden top string

Step 1: Secure the mesh to the sidewall

The photo to the right shows how we completed step 1 by locking the mesh down to the sidewall. Normally, I would use one sidewall hole and double loop it, but since this head was not designed for that; I had to improvise.

Step 2: Attach the second diamond to the first top string hole

Imagine how you would do a normal 9 diamond top string, but without actually locking the mesh to the scoop. First, you will want to go through the back of the mesh and then the back of the head. After you go through the back of the head, go to the string which is shown in the right photo.

Step 3: Skip the third hole on the mesh row

Now it’s pretty repetitive process where you will repeat the top string knot across the rest of the scoop every other diamond in the mesh row.

Continue that down the scoop of the head

Final Result: A 9 Diamond Hidden Topstring

9 diamond hidden top string 5 1 1024x683 - 9 Diamond Hidden Top String Tutorial

Here is also a video tutorial of the top string created in this tutorial from DMG Lacrosse.

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