Articles Written by Nick Bonsignore

I stopped playing other sports when I found lacrosse and I don't regret it. I've always thought that lacrosse had something that other sports just didn't, and once I picked up a stick it was game over; or should I say game on! Outside of lacrosse I am a huge Cleveland sports fan, a dog lover,a frequent customer at your local Chinese restaurant, and can be found listening to the newest music on Z107.9!

Lumber Lax Turns Wood into Gold

Kai and his wooden lacrosse shaft company Lumber Lax are helping connect players to pros, and they are also champions of equality in the lacrosse world. It’s important to support and respect innovators, like Kai, who want to put lacrosse into the hands of more people, and provide a quality product to fans.

STX Lacrosse Athlete Liz Hogan Drops Some Knowledge at LaxCon

Liz Hogan took a little time out of her busy schedule at LaxCon 2018 to talk to Stringers Society and give us a look into her life as an STX athlete. As one of the top female lacrosse goalies in the world, Liz is a wealth of knowledge and an outgoing lacrosse embassador. Talking to her was an absolute pleasure, and we know that plenty of young lacrosse players can get a lot better by getting to know more about her.

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