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When reevaluating the gloves that I’ve used over the years I noticed that I primarily looked for comfort and flexibility. Quality and the lifespan of a glove for several seasons are both also high on my list of necessities. Obviously, style is always a factor so you can “look good and play good” while keeping your hands safe. So when looking for a new pair of gloves you should consider these five first.

#1 Pair of Lacrosse Gloves: Warrior Mac Daddy 4

My favorite gloves of all time!  Each style was always crisp and had great colors.  In my opinion warrior gloves are always a little big bigger and give you good protection on the field and give you a nice longevity of the gloves.  Not to mention, they have a smooth feel on the inside and give your fingers and wrist great range of motion.

#2 Pair of Lacrosse Gloves: Maverik M3

Superior inside feel of the glove super silky.  Great ventilation to keep your hands just as cool as when you put them in.  Solid protection while sustaining the lightweight.

#3 Pair of Lacrosse Gloves: STX Surgeon 500 with Climate Control

Firm snugness on the fingers but still have fantastic mobility.  Love the interiors feel as well.

#4 Pair of Lacrosse Gloves: Maverik Rome NXT

A lot like the Maverik M3 but they came before, have a sleek smooth inside.  Real tight on the hands giving great grip on the shaft.  Nice materials on the palm to sustain battle.

#5 Pair of Lacrosse Gloves: Warrior Wrath

I think they are similar to the Mac Daddys, made for heavy protection and it backs it up.  They have a sweet American theme on the inside of all the gloves and cuffs.  They ventilate well and are not too heavy for having a lot of protection.

These are all great options for any player looking to get a new pair of gloves for the upcoming season. Remember that trying on gloves to get the best fit is always recommended. Even if online has better prices, it can help a lot to actually try the gloves on first. Besides that, personal preference will always be a huge factor so choose what works best for you. Every player is different, and every player deserves to have their best fit for optimal performance.

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