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Not every brand in the world really cares about its customers. Everyone has had a disappointing or bad experience with a product or response from a company. Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not all companies are created in the pursuit of profit. It is a much better feeling to get your equipment from somewhere that truly cares about the product that they are selling you. Epoch Lacrosse is one of those companies. After being able to talk to James Miceli, principal/founder of Epoch, we are extremely confident that they are a brand you need to learn about. James’ vision is one that helps lacrosse players instead of outfitting lacrosse players. It isn’t that hard to sell lacrosse equipment, but it is a labor of love to create high-quality gear to advance an industry the way that Epoch Lacrosse is.

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Just like us, James Miceli is a player before a businessman. He created a lacrosse company so that he could advance the quality for those playing after him. James played at Adelphi in the late 90’s and since then he has thought about the advancements of lacrosse technology and how to improve on them. It wasn’t until the 70’s that there were plastic heads and alloy shafts didn’t come out until the 90’s. James saw how this progression of the tech was too slow and wanted to do something about it.

He was heavily influenced by cycling and how the industry had a type of renaissance in the 80’s. Several major advancements were made in a short amount of time that changed the sport forever and drastically helped cyclists. James wanted to apply the same type of attitude to lacrosse with a focused purpose. His intention was not to borrow technology from other sports like golf, hockey, or tennis. James instead approached his production trying to make the best “lacrosse specific” technology. This method was intended to make the products lighter, more durable, and more reliable. That’s when Epoch lacrosse came out with the Dragonfly shaft that lead to the current Dragonfly 7. At 145 grams with a one year warranty, this composite lacrosse shaft became an iconic trend setter.

Epoch Lacrosse: Innovation and Excellence

Composite and other experimental material shafts are showing on a more consistent basis in the pursuit of lightness. A high inverse weight to strength ratio is the goal of every brand. Each team of engineers at lacrosse companies is tasked with this every day, but not all strive to bring quality with each product. There are more than a few companies that boast “the world’s lightest shaft” or “unmatched performance” but how can you tell who is actually right?

Once you look past slogans and taglines real quality can be seen within performance and assurance. Equipment breaks and nothing lasts forever. Everyone knows this and everyone has had to deal with a stick or head breaking past the warranty. Epoch gives a 1-year warranty on all heads and shafts that they sell, which is nearly double that of most competitors. Their belief in the product and trust in themselves that epoch offers is something not seen as often as we’d like in lacrosse.

Epoch’s Devotion to Player Preference

Those who follow the gear market likely know of Epoch’s most popular products like the Dragonfly 7, the Epoch Hawk, and Otter Mesh. These products drive the evolution of lacrosse equipment in a competitive market, but Epoch has many other products that are pushing the envelope. Their Integra Protective line is one of the places where they have concentrated heavily on player preference and peak performance.

For example, their Integra gloves have a one piece palm for a bare hand feel along with carbon fiber protection. This light and sturdy protection paired with a higher than average, but more flexible cuff, is heavenly. Their team members create products like this because they know player preference and always consider it.

Each person that works on these products is a player and a craftsman, but a player first. This mentality allows Epoch to always be at the forefront of creating such desirable products. There is not only a usefulness factor but also a happiness factor that they consider.

Epoch Lacrosse Flying Into the Future

Epoch recently moved their operation to a new facility so they could grow and be a U.S. based company. They are currently planning to be releasing new products and advances that will change both men’s and women’s equipment. This plan involves many working parts that come together for a finished product that is designed for premium quality.

We are pumped to see where Epoch will go because of how much potential they have. Companies that aren’t The Big 3 need to take notes on how to advance as a brand that puts players first. Epoch recently partnered with Matt Rambo and they signed Dylan Molloy when he went to the MLL. [taq]The past two Tewaaraton winners wouldn’t go to the same place if they weren’t convinced the future is bright at Epoch Lacrosse.[/taq]

We highly recommend taking a look at all of their products, especially the Hawk Prequel and Sequel. They are perfect for stringing and even holds the record for fastest shot with an attack shaft. If you a player that values durability along with quality in each piece of equipment, trust Epoch. There are lots of brands out there, but not all of them are doing what they can for the players. It is important to support the brands that want to support you the way Epoch does. Thank you so much to James Miceli of Epoch for speaking with us and being a friend of the community. People like James will be those who are remembered for being dedicated to players, rather than dedicated to a dollar.

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