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What is an Anchor Knot?

The lacrosse anchor knot allows players to keep the mesh on the inside of the lacrosse head while anchoring it in place. This is useful when creating the channel of your lacrosse stick and making sure it’s even on both of your sidewalls. If you used an interlock instead of an anchor knot, your channel might be slightly crooked or uneven. This happens because an interlock doesn’t actually lock your sidewall in place like an anchor knot.

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Materials Needed

Lacrosse Anchor Knot Steps

  1. The first step in stringing a lacrosse anchor knot is to decide how far down to pull your lacrosse mesh. Pulling your mesh down helps create a channel in your pocket. When you don’t pull your mesh down enough, your pocket will have a wide channel or none at all. Pulling down too far will create a very tight channel, which can add a lot of whip to your stick. Perfect tensioning creates a happy medium.
  2. After you decide how far to pull your lacrosse mesh down, and what sidewall hole to use on your lacrosse head, you need to send your sidewall string through the outside of your head.
  3. Immediately after sending your sidewall string through the outside of your head, take your string and go up through the diamond.
  4. The next step to stringing an anchor knot is to take your sidewall string and loop it over the inside string. This will create the knot you’re looking for and you will be able to recognize this.
  5. The last step in the process is to ensure your knot is positioned correctly and tightly tensioned. The best way to do this is to pull the sidewall string onto the inside of your lacrosse head with your left hand while pulling the lead string with your right hand.

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