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Being a two handed player in lacrosse makes you super versatile. It is also one of the easiest
skills to work on. Playing wall ball every day is guaranteed to make everyone a better lacrosse
player. You just need to put in the time and effort, all you need is a ball and a wall.

The Essential Rules of Wall Ball

  • When you begin start with doing each drill at least 30 reps both LEFTY and RIGHTY!
    Stand about 10 ft away from wall.
  • Always wear gloves.
  • Try and aim for same part of wall every time.
  • Do it as many times as you can a week!

Lacrosse Wall Ball Variations

  1. Righty/Lefty – Just a normal throw-catch- cradle-throw to warm up both hands
  2.  Quick Stick – pass the ball off the wall, receive it and pass back quickly with no cradle
  3.  Canadian both hands – cross handed pass off the wall catch and cradle
  4.  One hand cradle both sides – one hand on the stick catch, one cradle, throw
  5. One hand quick stick – quick stick with only one hand
  6. BTB – behind the back off the wall, catch anyway
  7. Face dodge – face dodge, then throw and catch and repeat
  8. Split dodge – split dodge, switching hands throw, catch and repeat

Matt Gibson Wall Ball Video: Take Notes From Him & Be Creative

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