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Many players consider lacrosse tape a necessity for getting a good grip on their stick, but most are still disappointed. Redoing the same tape job you had on another stick is impossible, and bad weather can ruin twenty minutes of good taping. When I attended LaxCon 2018 I was able to try a product that I had heard about and finally experience Spyder Grypz. I was also able to meet the young creator, Maxx, who has taken Spyder Gryps to the very top. He was recently named the top young entrepreneur in America and it’s clear why. He has an amazing product, a passionate approach to the community, and a very strong support system around him that is always wishing him well.

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Spyder Grypz Caught Me In the Web

I once played with a player who never once replaced the tape on his stick. The tape and stick weren’t even originally his. He inherited them from a friend, and he never wanted to change the feel. He would just grip the tape as hard as he could and twist in the same direction over and over again after a wet practice. This eventually created a smoothish, hard, and solid mass of tape on his stick. He played fine and liked it, but I always knew there was a better way to keep the same feel for years.

Spyder grips lacrosse tape laxcon 2018

Flash forward seven years, and I’m ripping it up with Maxx at LaxCon 2018. He is showing me a Spyder Grypz model and giving me one as a gift. I’m in shock and awe remembering a midfielder from high school that Maxx could’ve saved.

Spyder Grypz: Familiarity Over Time, Phenomenal In A Moment

The Spyder Grypz is a pretty out there product, and there are many reasons why older players wouldn’t want to change to it. A roll of tape is only $5, and you get a lot more taping ability. For those guys, they may never change. For all other players, let me tell you why Spyder Grypz could change your game forever.

Even the very best tape gets worse in the rain and mud. I can personally say that I hate muddy tape and that I have no mud issues with Spyder Grypz. A simple wipe or rinse takes all the debris and dirt off without any change in quality. Water also slides right off and doesn’t ruin your grip. There’s no variable from the weather that will throw you off your game, and you’ll feel better about making that pass in the rain.

The feel of Spyder Grypz is different from tape, but it isn’t a bad difference. It’s a consistent tackiness that won’t let you down when you move into a passing or shooting position. If anything, it’ll feel awkward at first because your hands will be more secure. This will become the norm, and you’ll start understanding why Spyder Grypz and so useful.

Spyder Grypz Remembered All the Details

My favorite thing about Spyder Grypz is that they come with rings to use for notches on your stick and a criss-cross pattern. I already did both of these things to my stick with tape, and now I don’t have to spend half an hour carefully taping my stick. I also won’t have to do that for any jealous teammates who don’t know how to tape. Now I can just slip on a Spyder Grypz, heat it up, and be ready to play.

They work very well with a Rocket Mesh Buttend, and Spyder Grypz will stay sticky for more than one season. If you are looking to have the best stick on the team, always hit the corner, and never be slowed down by the rain, they Spyder Grypz are for you!

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