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What would LaxCon 2018 have been like without the fans? I’ll gladly tell you, nothing! The best shops, the biggest pros, and the coolest influencers are all fans, but what about your average fan? They truly make the experience because they create the experience. If you have fans that aren’t excited, you’ll have a weak convention. If your fans come ready for a perfect day, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. We met some awesome fans when we attended LaxCon and we just had to find out what they thought.

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LaxCon Fans Are the Best Fans

One fan that we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk to was Robert, otherwise known as @wizard.strings on Instagram. When we met Robert he was well dressed and ready to talk turkey. He’s a passionate stringer and a gear nut who was ready to check out the very best LaxCon 2018 had to offer. Robert’s a big ECD and StringKing guy and he was really impressed by their showing at LaxCon. With his insight and help, these brands should be able to tailor their products to help the consumer. He should also be back for LaxCon 2019 as well.

The Young Guns At LaxCon 2018

We also had the pleasure of meeting two sets of young players at LaxCon 2018 who are ready to take the world by storm. Colby & Brady and John & Robert all traveled to LaxCon to get advice from pros, and maybe give me some too. They were awesome to talk to and meet because they really were there just to have a good time. Nothing was impossible for them that weekend since they were able to meet some of their own heroes (not us), and enjoy a quality family weekend with lacrosse bringing everyone together. These young guns also were gearing up for their own seasons and let us know how ready they are to tear it up on the field. To our four awesome pals Colby, Brady, John, and Robert, we hope you have killer seasons and we hope you can make LaxCon 2019 too.

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