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The New King on the Block – Epoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh

Epoch Lacrosse wisely teamed up with StringKing to make their Otter Lacrosse Mesh. The second we strung up the Otter Mesh to a head I fell in love.  It feels amazing and performs even better than expected. Epoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh is made out of military grade composite fibers that Navy Seals even use because of the strength and weight ratio. These fibers also give the mesh a consistency that will hold up in any weather for optimal play.  Hot, cold, or wet; it doesn’t matter and will not affect your pocket.

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epoch lacrosse otter mesh

The main feature of this new mesh is it’s super lightweight factor. The Otter Mesh is even around 50% lighter than most pieces of mesh!  Another huge component of it is that the mesh is designed to have zero break-in time needed.  You can pick it up from the store string it up to a head and play a game with it immediately.  You don’t need a pocket pounder or to put in time on the wall to perfect your lacrosse pocket.  Due to the high-grade materials, it is made with, it really forms a long-lasting pocket.  It won’t stretch out over time, or bag from the weather.

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Epoch Lacrosse: Better Quality or Bust?

Otter Mesh Review: Epoch Lacrosse

Like I said earlier I love the new Epoch Otter Mesh!  For several reasons I would say it is a very high-quality piece of mesh.  It holds up to its stance on the break-in time, right after stringing it up to a head I could throw passes, shoot, and catch like I could with any 2-month broken-in stick.  Along with that this whole time my pocket has stayed right where I strung it, no adjustments have been needed to be made.

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The Otter Mesh weight is really spectacular and you can definitely feel the difference.  It only weighs 18 grams!  I would say it is a high-performance soft mesh.  It has the feel and hold of soft mesh, but on the release can get shots off like some hard mesh.  The Otter Mesh is even thinner than other mesh and I thought there was improved feel and control of the ball. Compared to my older mesh that will remain unnamed, Otter Mesh was a huge improvement. It has tremendous hold to where some even think it is illegal!  Currently, it is only offered in the white color, which I think looks the best anyways.  It has amazing consistency, ultra lightweight, and great hold.  Right now it is my favorite mesh on the market and I think it is worth its value.

Otter Mesh Amazon now down to only $30, half what it originally started at!

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