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Step by Step Stringing a Stacked Special Interlock

Lacrosse Stringing tends to be a difficult task for some players to understand, between all of the different lacrosse knot styles, lacrosse top string variants and pockets styles. Sidewall knots help players form the pocket in their lacrosse head that they want. If your new to stringing then we suggest that you start with basic lacrosse knots or the standard interlock lacrosse knot.

  • This tutorial is for players who have a good understanding of sidewall knots work
  • Placement of the knot on the sidewall should be where you would like your pocket to be
  • If you would like to just tie a stacked SI then skip the knot in steps 2 and 3

Step 1: Stacked Special Interlock

Go through the back of the mesh diamond of the first 10 diamond row on your mesh that you would like to include in the knot. You will then will want to go through the back of the second 10 diamond mesh row you would like to include.

Stacked Special Interlock

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Step 2: Stacked Special Interlock

For this step, you will want to go through the outside of the sidewall but not the mesh. The goal here is to create a knot that we will pull the two diamonds over to create the stacked SSI or Stacked Special Interlock. To do this, take the end of your sidewall after you go through the sidewall hole and go up, over the piece of the sidewall which was you just went through and back up through it.

Stacked Special Interlock

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Step 3: Stacked Special Interlock

The majority of the knot has been completed at this point in the tutorial. Step 3 of the knotted Stacked SI involves getting a tight not that you can slip the two diamonds over.

Stacked Special Interlock

Step 4: Stacked Special Interlock

The focus of step 4 is to take the end of your sidewall string and go back through the mesh. The pro tip which I see a lot of players get confused often is the order you go through the mesh holes.

Stacked Special Interlock

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Final Results

Pull tight. Sometimes its helpful to wiggle your sidewall string if you’re making a big stretch for your channel and it is hard to get over the knot.

Stacked Special Interlock

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