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Trust TradiTree, the Most Reliable Traditional Lacrosse Stringing Tool

Traditional stringing can be more art than stringing in many ways. Intricate patterns that are functional for play require experience and an eye for detail. Traditional stringers can also always benefit from a little help from a guide. Some stringers try using a tennis ball or a block of wood for some support, but that isn’t the best option. The most trusted way to string a traditional is with a TradiTree to help form your pocket. It’s the ideal tool for traditional stringing and it is used by the very best stringers, including ALL THREE STRING LEAGUE CHAMPIONS. Need we say more? No, but we will.

Traditional Lacrosse Stringing Made Easy Thanks to TradiTree

There is nothing better than a product you can really trust. When we say “trust” we mean seriously depend on every time you need to get a job done. Reliability and dependability are major factors when it comes to buying your stringing materials, so why wouldn’t you want a trustworthy guide too? You also wouldn’t want an inconsistent stringer stringing your stick, would you? No, you wouldn’t. And that is what TradiTree provides, reliable trust.

Traditional stringing comes down to lots of symmetry and proper tensioning of your strings. To properly do this you need to be able to conceptualize the finished pocket before even starting.  This is where the TradiTree comes into play. The structure that a TradiTree provides allows your leathers to stay in position while stringing for the best tensioning and symmetry. You don’t need to worry about supporting the leathers and you can focus on the stringing instead. This also gives you the best view for stringing and helps you plan out your pattern better.

The many different types of TradiTrees also make your stringing possibilities endless. You can buy their original version, updated version, the Pita, the Shrub, the Breakin, the Six Shooter, the Lady, or the Pro. Our personal recommendations would be the updated version, the Breakin, or the Pro. The Breakin is best for creating less defined pockets that gradually stretch, where the updated is for more defined pockets to start. As you can guess, the Pro is for all pocket styles and variations. The pro is also the only metal TradiTree and it is the most resilient for lots of use.

The Man Behind the Tree: Hank Furnbach

Not all heroes wear capes, some own small business and care about players. One of those heroes is Hank Furnbach the creator of the TradiTree. He created the TradiTree with the intention of making traditional stringing easier for everyone. Hank was inspired by some jigs and guides that were handmade and he wanted something that could be available for all players.

He started small and had great luck because his product was so innovative. Canadian stringers were early fans of the TradiTree and couldn’t get enough of it. Hank’s original production of the TradiTree sold out the day that they went online and he has had success ever since. His many variations are all designed with the stringer in mind and they are products that Hank uses himself when he strings.


He is a stringer and a player that just wants to help other stringers and players. Outside of lacrosse, Hank is a family man and he also has a full-time job outside of TradiTree. He lives a balancing act of spending time with his family, supporting them by working, and doing what he can to better the lacrosse community one stringer at a time. It is a thankless job of keeping traditional stringing and the history of it alive, but we are here to thank Hank anytime we can.

The Giving TradiTree

Hank’s invention helps players string better and he has seen improvements in very notable stringer’s work after getting TradiTrees. By devoting himself to the TradiTree way, Hank is doing quite a bit to spread traditional stringing. With so many new innovations in the mesh world, it is nice to see someone want more kids to string their own traditionals. And better than that, Hank wants them to string QUALITY traditional. Having a bad experience with a traditional will only discourage kids from using them again. That is why using a TradiTree can really help younger stringers be happier with their traditional stringing.

This is an important mission that Hank is on to keep traditional stringing around and make sure it is good too. Not everyone would tirelessly design new guides to help players string and do it all for the love of the game. It is a man with a dream, not a company with an agenda that wants to help you become a better stringer and that is why we trust TradiTree so much. Hank’s work speaks for itself, but we just wanted to emphasize the point a little more. Anyone that wants to string a traditional needs to get a TradiTree, especially if it is your first time. Trust us, you’ll be thanking Hank in no time. And if you need some help with picking out which materials to use on your traditional be sure to check out Lax Room

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