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I am always looking for new innovations in lacrosse to try out. Pre-cut tape, multi-sized diamonds in a piece of mesh, and various different materials for shafts are all new and exciting ideas. Being able to experiment with new products is always a blast, but a recent product has really stood out. This product is the Head Rock, a weighted attachment to improve your stickwork.

Head Rock Lacrosse: The Easiest Way to Cradle & Fake Better

Weighted sticks are not a new idea and this concept is popular in most sports. It is the same idea as a resistance band for lifting or a donut on a baseball bat. The added weight should help with power, speed, and control. This is a sound idea, but not many people have done it successfully for lacrosse. There are weighted shafts and attachable weights for your shaft, yet Head Rock attack the idea in a completely new way.

Weighted shafts and stick attachments do help with power, but weighted shafts are expensive and using wood or sand more practical. The attachments worry me constantly because I don’t expect them to stay on the stick. Honestly, they scare me a little. This is where the Head Rock comes in to save the day.

Constant Safe Stickwork:

The Head Rock goes on your head from the shaft side up and will never fly off. It also doesn’t require the ball but replicates the feel of a ball with a little extra weight. This gives you the weight right where you would want it. In your pocket instead of in the shaft. You can then easily work on cradling, faking, and passes all indoors if you want. I use it when I watch TV and get half an hour of cradling in on the couch. It’s always nice to have a stick in your hand, and now you can without having to worry about losing the ball.

Reliable and Simple Improvements

I’ve used the Head Rock for a few weeks now and while I don’t use it much for passing or shooting, it has helped my handling. Being able to control the ball and keep it in your stick is crucial, especially for beginners. Cradling isn’t an impressive skill, but it is a necessary one. Young players often have a hard time keeping the ball when they are moving at top speed. I seriously believe that the Head Rock can improve their cradling and confidence very quickly.It is very easy to tell when the ball would fall out of your stick, so there isn’t much guessing with the Head Rock. Also, without having to worry about drops you have endless reps available to you.

I Wish This Was Around When I Was Learning

Every player that I have let use the Head Rock has had the same reaction. They are shocked it feel so much like a ball in their stick, and they angry they didn’t have one growing up. There are so many holes, scuffs, and cracks that I have caused learning how to control a lacrosse ball that could have been avoided. I truthfully think my parents wish this was around more than I even do for the sake of their house. It is such a wonderful tool for getting better and it is addicting as well.

All the players that I have let use the Head Rock also hog it once let them see it. The hardest part about using it is not having some other player take it and not want to give it back. I do believe that for shadow shooting and pseudo-dodging the Head Rock would also do a great job. Plenty of the players I know that have used my Head Rock just use it to work on split dodges and their form for dodges. It is perfect for realizing where your stick will be during a dodge without possibly losing it mid-dodge. Basically, the Head Rock really does it all.

A 5 Star Product: Head Rock Lacrosse

For what it is, I have no complaints about the Head Rock. I’m sure they will find ways to improve it, but for now, I have no suggestions. I use it very frequently and I will continue to for a long time. Anyone looking for a fun way to improve their skills should pick one up. Anyone looking to help out a young player should pick up one for them. I’ll recommend the Head Rock to anyone and everyone in the lacrosse world because of what a huge fan I am of it and I hope that they continue to grow as a company. For now be sure to support them and check out their site where you can get yourself a Head Rock. Also, a huge thank you to Craig for sending the Head Rock to us. Best of luck my friend, you found yourself quite the gem.

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