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StringKing Lacrosse is known for their innovation with lacrosse mesh but has since expanded. Their most recent lacrosse mesh consists of Type 4s a semi-soft performance mesh and Type 4X a semi-hard performance mesh. StringKings line of lacrosse heads includes the Mark 1, Mark 2A, Mark 2D, Mark 2V, Mark 2T, and the John Grant Jr. Legend. When it comes to StringKing Lacrosse shafts they come in two series which are the Metal 1 and Metal 2.

StringKing Legend W Girls Lacrosse Head Review

StringKing Lacrosse is putting women first with the Legend W and its elite level Type W performance mesh. The Legend W delivers precision and accuracy consistently with the ability to place the ball anywhere that you want at a moments notice, and there’s no lack of power either. After a few weeks, we finally have our take on the Legend W and we are blown away by its amazing performance.

Top Lacrosse Mesh for Maximum Hold

The best lacrosse mesh for increasing your lacrosse stick hold is vital to having more ball security and can help you get through traffic Having a ton of hold in your stick can be a huge advantage that can help you throw killer fakes and run through checks without losing the ball. The downside to having unreal hold is sacrificing your throwing ability by adding too much whip and making your release far too late.

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