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Why Lacrosse Stick Hold Matters

Having a ton of Lacrosse Stick Hold can be a huge advantage. Hold lets you throw killer fakes and run through checks without losing the ball. The downside to having unreal hold is sacrificing your throwing ability by adding too much whip. The whip from hold comes from making your release far too late. Use your mesh as the source of your hold to ensure you keep the ball exactly when you want. Other methods can make your stick throw into the dirt every time. Many pieces of lacrosse mesh incorporate different methods for supreme hold and varied feels of the hold which we will explain. Here we’re discussing 3 pieces of mesh we believe offer the best benefits to players who want great hold.

stringing 3x performance mesh

StringKing 3x Performance Mesh

  • As a major player in the mesh world, StringKing Lacrosse constantly tries different ideas so their products stand out and Type 3x is no exception. This mesh utilizes Twistex, a type of twisting woven fibers in the mesh rather than flat fibers. Twistex gives 3x a rough feel that tugs on the ball increasing the natural feel of the mesh. This makes your throws exceptionally true and compliments the consistency of this mesh with added lacrosse stick hold.
  • Type 3x is also lighter than Type 2 mesh which increases natural feel and helps with awareness/control. With lighter mesh, you notice the weight of the ball more easily when it’s in your stick. This also gives you better awareness of where the ball is in your pocket so you can be more accurate in a faking motion.
  • What is great about Type 3 X is that the mesh has given, but not too much. All Lacrosse Mesh Brands stretches to a point and this allows for forming natural pockets, but what is great about Type 3 X is that the mesh stretches and comes back to its’ original shape during your throwing motion. This again increases that feeling of the ball moving within the pocket and allows the mesh to naturally resist the ball’s release from your stick. When the mesh is naturally snagging on the ball and preventing release this is where you get the desired hold you are looking for.
  • The downside of this is that if you string your lacrosse pocket very high with this mesh and also incorporate a tight channel, you may be at risk for a whippy stick that is throwing into the dirt. We recommend a mid-low pocket with a tight channel for optimal consistency and natural hold.
  • Here is the link for StringKing Type 3x stringing kit ($34.99) on Amazon or a single piece of StringKing Type 3X for $19.99.

Epoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh

  • Otter Mesh is made with the most advanced material in Lacrosse besides the WARP by Warrior, but that isn’t “stringing”. Epoch has always had a simple philosophy of Lacrosse being done the right way, not the fancy way. That is exactly what Epoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh brings to your stick with the durability and hold.
  • The mesh is made with an unnamed military grade fiber that is resistant to temperature change.
  • This means that the mesh will not expand or shrink due to the temperature. Otter Mesh is also not affected by weather or water. The mesh is made with incredible quality materials for long-lasting performance.
  • Otter Mesh which is roughly half the weight of most other pieces of mesh which adds to the benefits.
  • Lacrosse Stick Hold isn’t the biggest strength of Otter Mesh. However, the other qualities of Otter Mesh (along with the hold) make it an easy choice. While Otter mesh is very expensive, it is worth the price to many players. Cheap mesh often doesn’t last long like Otter mesh which explains the cost.
  • Otter mesh strung with a medium channel creates some amazing hold that is also very consistent. Otter mesh really delivers a lasting and reliable hold every time you play. Perfecting your hold with a durable piece of mesh that is resilient is worth more than several pieces of mesh. Getting new mesh and restringing your stick can be a huge hassle. That’s exactly why long-lasting mesh is so worth the price. Otter mesh means you don’t have to replicate your pocket twice a season when your pocket blows out.
  • Heres the link to Epoch Otter Mesh on Amazon for $29.99.

ecd vortex mesh review

East Coast Dyes Vortex Mesh

  • East Coast Dyes created a new type of mesh that is pushing the envelope of innovation. By incorporating different diamond sizes within the same piece of mesh, Vortex Mesh has the feel of 2 pieces of mesh. The Vortex by ECD has 17 1/2 mm diamonds on the top, bottom, and sides of the mesh to create a consistent feel. Inside of this nest of 17 1/2 mm diamonds, there is a block of larger diamonds that have sharper edges and less connection between the diamonds. This mimics the diamonds that are commonly used in goalie meshes on a smaller scale. While the diamonds are not the same size of a ruby mesh diamond they are large enough to change the feel of the stick.
  • Vortex gives you very natural hold that allows for great security and fakes. There is a much softer feel inside the pocket of the stick that adds control of the ball from Vortex mesh. This also helps with catching because you can tell exactly when the ball touches the mesh so you can make your next move without hesitation. There is a varied throwing feel with Vortex if you transfer the pattern you have used on a different piece of 17 1/2 mm mesh. Vortex should have a consistent throwing motion and should not be whippy if strung with a pattern that is intended for a true release. That being said, we recommend a mid pocket for the ECD Vortex for the natural feel and grippy hold that doesn’t make you throw into the ground.
  • Find it on Amazon Here:($24.99)  ECD Semi-Soft Vortex Mesh or ECD Semi-Hard Vortex Mesh

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