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StringKing Pre Cut Tape Review

If you play lacrosse and you don’t tape your stick, you are rather uncommon. Tape is extremely useful for adding grip to a slick shaft, creating a false end cap, reducing head rattle, or make hand placement reminders for a young player. Your tape job, much like your stringing, says a lot about you; and altering can severely alter your game. StringKing pre cut tape now makes taping your stick a breeze.

What your lacrosse tape says about you

Just like how there are many types of tape jobs, there are many types of tape. Using athletic tape that you bummed off of your athletic trainer is a pretty common practice, but then again so is using hockey tape. Some players prefer camo, or the American flag, or skulls and crossbones; while others choose their team colors to add some spirit and accent to their stick.

string king pre cut tape

A Photo Illustrating the pre-cut tape by StringKing

 StringKing Pre Cut Tape is the first of its kind.

String King has been leading innovation in the Lacrosse World when it comes to simplicity and advancements. I would honestly compare them to Apple with how sleek and simple they make everything while maintaining a very high level of quality. Their tape is no exception. The pre cut tape itself is comparable to a roll of Howie’s Hockey tape as far as the quality of the tape, but the fact that the tape is pre-cut is what makes it stand out.

Why Pre Cut Lacrosse Tape is nice

Having to rip your tape to different widths in order to make special grips of a false end-cap is a huge hassle. You can never get the right width on your own without scissors and even then it means you have to rip the rest of the roll yourself.Making a roll of tape pre-cut gives you the ability to use two widths so easily and effectively without ruining the entire roll of tape.

Why String King Pre-Cut Tape makes taping your stick easier

The innovation of String King’s pre-cut tape is going to make taping your stick a much easier process and I imagine that other companies will soon follow suit. There is no reason to not offer this luxury and while it is at a higher price than most another tape, I believe that the price will lower once other companies create their own pre-cut tape. Pre-cut tape will in no way advance the game of Lacrosse, but it will indeed make taping your stick a much smoother process.

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