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Wondering which lacrosse mesh brands right for you? With so many to choose it can be difficult to understand which is best, or the right fit. There are so many lacrosse brands that have great products and we are here to let you where to start looking. The following lacrosse brands are all perfect for anyone looking for the best lacrosse mesh available today. Each lacrosse mesh brand has a special benefit that others don’t and deciding on what’s best for you can depend on those benefits.

The List of Top Lacrosse Mesh Brands To Try

  1. Lax Room Lacrosse: Keeping it classic and simple is the Lax Room way. This is why their mesh is one of the very best and so universally appreciated. They are by no means the biggest mesh brand, but they are easily one of the best when it comes to quality. Another massive benefit of choosing Lax Room is the awesome price of their mesh. There’s no need to shell out for fancy details when good old fashion quality is cheaper and lasts longer.
  2. Rocket Mesh Lacrosse: Another smaller fish in the ocean of stringing, but of the most advanced, is Rocket Mesh and their two styles of mesh. They have an elite semi-hard and elite semi-soft style of performance mesh that is made with Dyneema. This makes the mesh incredibly strong and resistant to stretching. Rocket Mesh pockets are strung to stick with their shape and last longer than any other mesh. This is also a brand that is really there for their customer and dedicated to making sure that their products provide the best playing experience possible.
    1. Rocket Mesh Elite Semi-Soft
    2. Rocket Mesh Elite Semi-Hard
  3. StringKing Lacrosse: String King is another brand that is all about quality. They are one of the most trusted brands in professional lacrosse and it’s because of consistency. String King has several types of mesh that are actually Types 2-4. Each Type has a different S or X option that are soft or hard. The difference is about preference, but the similarity is the consistency.
    1. StringKing Type 3s Semi-soft Lacrosse Mesh Piece (Assorted Colors) -$19.99
    2. StringKing Type 3x Semi-hard Lacrosse Mesh Piece (Assorted Colors) -$19.99
    3. StringKing Type 4S Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh Piece (Assorted Colors) -$35.00
    4. StringKing Type 4X Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh Piece (Assorted Colors) – $35.00
  4. Throne of String: A great product right out of the box and onto the stick is Throne mesh. Dubbed “the gold standard” they pride themselves on extra benefits like lightweight construction and improved feel. In the beginning, this is always the case with Throne but this can change if it’s not taken care of well. Don’t expect to have this mesh forever, but expect to enjoy it when you have it.
    1. Throne of String THRONE FIBER Lacrosse Semi-Soft Mesh Shadow Fiber -$19.99
  5. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse: with a wide range of products, ECD lacrosse is primarily known for their mesh. They most famously have advanced the game of wax mesh and they also have brought lots of great ideas to market. East Coast Dyes lacrosse Hero 2.0 is their most recent advancement that has excited the lacrosse community and they likely have more to come. Besides ECD Hero mesh, ECD Vortex mesh is another amazing development from the brand that combines different diamond sizes. Look to East Coast Dyes lacrosse for more great mesh styles and innovations in the future.
    1. East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Hero Mesh -$14.99
    2. East Coast Dyes 1-Pack ECD Lacrosse Vortex Mesh -$24.99
  6. Epoch Lacrosse: Besides making shafts, heads, and protective gear; Epoch lacrosse also makes mesh that delivers just like their other products. Otter Mesh is one of the highest quality meshes on the market and it lasts like no other. Getting Otter Mesh is an investment, but it’s a good one on your part because you won’t need new mesh for a while. Otter Mesh also breaks in incredibly easily and Epoch designed it to be 50% lighter than most other meshes. Deciding on Otter mesh is a great decision for anyone looking for long-lasting quality.
    1. Epoch Lacrosse Otter Mesh | Ultra Light Weight | Hydrophopic | Medium-Soft 10 Diamond Lacrosse Mesh

Where to Buy These Lacrosse Mesh Brands?

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There are lots of places to buy mesh, and if you’re lucky, you can get some for cheap. One of our best recommendations if your local lax shop, if you have one. Supporting local shops helps lacrosse grow in your area and you can always learn something there. If you don’t have a local shop, then our online Amazon store is also a great option. We have recommended many products that we personally vouch for and have had experience with.

FULL DISCLOSURE we collect a percentage off of transactions that stem from our store, but all of that goes into improving our resources for the site. We always want our readers to have a free place to learn from, and this is one way that can help improve our reach to more players that want to learn about lacrosse.

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