Magik is in the Air – Magik Lacrosse Mesh Review

This piece of mesh is currently pretty rare, and it can be hard to find. Although once you get your hands on a piece, you will be quite pleased you found it. It is definitely an addition to some elite pieces of lacrosse mesh but has a tremendous value for such. It is made with all-weather non-stretch fibers to make it withstand all the types of different types of weather we all face. That is always a huge factor in a good piece of mesh. This especially comes in handy if you live in a snowy or rainy area. You don’t want the pocket to be sagging and changing frequently from the weather.

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Magik Mesh will get through the weather and last longer due to it’s thin, tight weaves. Consistency is a real key in lacrosse, and consistency in your mesh is just as important. It is always good when you know you don’t have to worry about the weather, or a longer season, affecting your pocket. Magik Mesh is not exactly semi-hard or semi-soft, it’s a little bit in between. A lot of those who have used it are saying it leans a little more towards hard because of how the ball comes out so fast, but the feel is up for interpretation. I think it has a feel and hold of more soft or semi-soft, but that’s just me.

Signature Lacrosse Magik Mesh Review

It has great consistency every time I pick it up and play with it for shots and passes. Which is obviously also a tremendous factor in addition to its other features. It had a real short break in time to get the pocket all ready and set in. The lightweight feature gives you a great feel and grasp on the ball. I’ve shot a lot, played catch with this in the backyard for weeks, and even got in a small pickup game with Magik Mesh and it performed very well for me. I started with soft mesh when I began lacrosse; but, I have moved to more semi-soft/semi-hard performance mesh and I love this piece. It is a very unique combination of impressive features and a connected feel.

I was happy I was able to get a piece of this mesh from Signature Lacrosse and try it out. I was very pleased and it will be on one of my top sticks. If you get the chance and see if I would purchase it fast. Only $15 for a piece or entire mesh kit for $30.

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