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The Best Lacrosse Helmets of 2018

A correctly fit lacrosse helmet is necessary for protection during games and practice. The main function of lacrosse helmets is for the player’s safety. We need to protect the head and brain during lacrosse because they’re so vulnerable. A good lacrosse helmet also improves a player’s ability to just play lacrosse and have clear visibility. You’ll want a lightweight lacrosse helmet, but one that also has quality safety technology.

Getting new gear is always exciting, and new lacrosse helmets stand out the most. You can now customize lacrosse helmets more than ever through several helmet companies like Cascade, Warrior, and STX. There are also several headwrap and sticker services available for covering your current helmet. Some helmets have the ability to be customized for better fits with variable chinstraps and extra jaw pads so you get the best protection. Most lacrosse helmets are one size fits all with an adjustable attachment, but getting a perfect size isn’t an exact science.

Lacrosse helmets are changing every year and some models have become illegal to always a current lacrosse helmet for your safety and legality. Any lacrosse helmet without a NOCSAE certification is automatically illegal, and any helmet that has been in competitive use for over 5 years is obsolete. The best bet is the most popular brand of lacrosse helmets for all skill levels: Cascade. Major League Lacrosse predominately uses Cascade and it has been the most trusted lacrosse helmet brand for over 25 years.

Youth Lacrosse Helmets

In lacrosse, helmets are made for specific age groups in order to provide the best protection. For the youth level, or up until about 4th or 5th grade, there are a few helmets that are best suited for that age group.

Cascade CS-R

To keep the helmet from jiggling around it is designed with PoronXRD foam liner and memory foam.  Made to be the first elite youth lacrosse helmet, kids under 12.

Cascade CS Youth

Ultralight helmet created specifically for youth players.  It uses velcro to make adjustments on the helmet along with a little lever that you just slide to make changes.

STX Youth Stallion 100

Designed for youth players who are just getting into the game and are still developing.  A nice feature it has is its elastic adjustment system that can be easily tightened or loosened for players that are growing through the season at that young age.  Very comfortable and good protection. The Stallion 100 is made in either small or extra small to ensure it will fit all youth well.

Intermediate Lacrosse Helmets

The next level up of lacrosse is from around 6th grade to the end of middle school.  They need more protection than in youth lacrosse but still not as much impact as high school and above.

Cascade CPV-R 

The only Cascade helmet to have different sizes, there is 4 different sizes from XXS up to M/L.  Along with differently sized facemasks.  Uses the seven technology liner to disperse the impact energy from a hit.  Make fast adjustments on the fly due to it’s fitting technology.

Cascade CPX-R

Popular in high school even and relatively cheap.  First Cascade helmet to use the SPRfit system which is an adjustable occipital pad on the back that can change the size.  Being the first of its kind I found the adjustable system had a problem with breaking.  Like the CPV-R it uses the seven technology liner to disperse the impact energy from a hit.  It introduced the matte color to helmets along with having black or chrome cages.


Adult Lacrosse Helmets

High school, collegiate, and professional lacrosse players use similar helmets. The main reason for switching helmets as an adult is for better technology, and protection. The most updated and elite helmets are listed below:

Cascade R

Designed to be an improvement of the Pro 7, the R has many design options. Matte, carbon, platinum, or normal coloring for the bucket are all available. Facemasks can be pearl, black, or chrome.  Like most of Cascade’s helmets, seven technology liner disperses the impact energy from hits. The R also uses PoronXRD, with the seven technology for the best protection and comfort. Cascade upgraded their adjustable system adding a HardTail SPRfit, which makes adjusting your helmet much more secure. Another great addition to the Cascade R is the chin strap extending past the ear hole for extra protection. The added technologies make the is an elite level helmet that’s preferred by many lacrosse players.

Cascade S

The newest cascade helmet is outfitted with their best technologies. The liner uses three different technologies ensuring maximum protection, along with a reinforced chin piece. The vision bars on the cage were made smaller for the best visibility and maximum airflow comes from XFlo Ventilation. HardTail SPRfit systems again help with easy adjustments in the Cascade S.  You also have all the customization options that the R has, and likely more coming soon.

STX Stallion 650

STX recently moved into helmets with their Stallion line. The 650 adjusts with an air pump for exact sizing and a soft feel for comfort. STX’s D30 padding hardens on impact for ideal protection from hits.  The bucket also has several customized color options for the Polycarbonate shell. The Stallion 600 ranges from small to Xl to make sure players of all sizes have a perfect fit.

History of Lacrosse Helmets

There are lots of great lacrosse helmets out there, but finding what’s best for you is the most important part of shopping. It depends on how you like your helmet to fit, your preferred style, and also your team’s look. Getting a helmet that is the wrong color or style for your uniform can be an embarrassing and costly mistake. Be sure to consult your coach before making a large purchase because team unity and a collective uniform are important. But most of all, be sure to get a lacrosse helmet that fits well and is age appropriate. Protection is more of a need than style. Comfort is always much more important than looking good. Remember, you need a protected brain to play the best and fastest sport on two feet!

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