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There’s nothing like the feeling of being unique. While it can sometimes be unfortunate to stand out, when you plan out your differences you can really have some fun. As someone who is always obsessed with the color and the color coordination of my clothes, shoes, etc.; my stick is no exception. All white is a classic, some school colors are usually a nice touch, and a theme can be a special way to make a stick your own. The difficulty with this is finding the perfect colors that are also quality materials. Luckily, Turtle Mesh, the creators of the original pre-strung leather pocket, have created a pocket customizer online! Even better news, they are going to be giving away a free pocket to a lucky fan!

The Turtle Mesh Classic Traditional Pocket Customizer: My New Candy Store

I actually love the expression “like a kid in a candy store” because as a kid I literally loved being in candy stores. I even remember the specific one in the mall that I would go to all the time with my Mom. This is the same feeling I get when I am playing around with the customizer that Turtle Mesh has created.

turtle mesh classic traditional pocket customizer

Their customizer allows you to see exactly what your stick will look like before the pocket is strung. The visual representation is very helpful for deciding exact parts, it just has too many good options. I have spent more than a few hours just throwing colors all over the place and loving every second of it.

How The Turtle Mesh Classic Traditional Pocket Customizer Can Help You!

If you have never had a traditionally strung stick then I highly suggest getting yourself one. The connection you have with the pocket is incredibly special. Not to mention they are also tons of fun to play with and look great!

Deciding on the exact look of your pocket can be a troubling experience, but not as bad as getting a stick you don’t like. Anyone who has ever ordered anything online has likely been disappointed by a product that just didn’t look like the picture. This “catfishing” of products is annoying, but if the product you are looking for is a traditional pocket then you just won big.

This system reminds me of NikeID and the experimenting that you can do with that program. To say the least, I am already a huge fan of this system and can’t wait to get a custom pocket from Turtle Mesh on my stick. Too bad that I still can’t narrow down exactly what I want!

Getting Your Hands on a Custom Classic Traditional Pocket from Turtle Mesh

Everyone that is interested in playing with a custom Turtle Mesh classic traditional pocket needs to head to turtlemesh.com now. They are doing a contest to select a fan to receive a free custom traditional pocket based off of fan creations. So take some time to play with the options and create a pocket that’s fly enough for free. All creations should be shared on Instagram so you have a chance to win and be seen. Also, other people on Instagram can like and promote your pic to improve your chances. Be sure to tag @turtlemeshdotcom in your pictures after creating your custom traditional pocket on turtlemesh.com

turtle mesh classic traditional pocket customizer

There you can not only play with the customizer to create your own pocket, but you can browse their wide selection. They are masters of traditional stringing and put tons of care into each pocket. When I was able to speak with them about their pockets their message was that if they wouldn’t play with it, they wouldn’t string it.

Everything Else Turtle

Besides creating elite-level custom traditional lacrosse products, TurtleMesh.com does much more. They have their own signature head which is only $40 or $30 and legal at all levels of play. The “Turtle Dome” is a head designed for all positions and is known for being very durable. Breaks are very uncommon with the head which comes strung and unstrung.

This is how Turtle Mesh is selling heads that really come with an identity. Besides the Turtle Dome, you can also get the Nike Lakota from Turtle Mesh with their pockets. Along with the pockets, your head can also be dyed by Turtle mesh. They are providing the complete customization package. It is only $4 per color and they are very talented dyers. This can give your stick a fresh look and some unique details. You can also get your personal touch put on the stick to represent yourself best. Why not make every part of the stick special with such great customization options?

Coming Out of the Shell

There aren’t any obvious problems that I have seen with the customizer and I am a very satisfied user. The customizer works well on both my phone and computer offering the best user experience. While I don’t have any complaints, I always have suggestions. The use of a rotating view would be awesome to fully see how the pocket looks, but a front view works very well. I also would ideally enjoy some different pocket options they offer to be included in the customizer.

Obviously, not all systems are perfect, but Turtle Mesh seems pretty darn close. I’m positive improvements and more options will be coming in the future to appease me. For now, you NEED to check out their customizer so you can at least have some quality fun with quality materials. Also be sure to send in your custom designs for the best chance of winning a free pocket.

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