Lacrosse Heads

If you’ve never heard “your lacrosse stick should be an extension of your body” well now you have. Your stick is the only thing that really makes you a player and without it, you are just some random person standing in the middle of a lacrosse game. You need to not only take care of your stick, but form a bond with it and grow with your stick to become the best player you can become. Here you take learn about maintenance, customization, and development for your stick and the newest ones available.

Warrior Burn X Lacrosse Head Review, Stringing, & Impression

The Warrior Burn is a pristine weapon of choice for offensive players that want to make a difference in their play. This head is very durable, with a nice shape to compliment it as well. Stringing wise for the Burn is very convenient due to the 19 sidewall holes and the large size of them as well. Below will be individual categories going more in detail.

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