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Arc lacrosse shafts remind me of a wedding cake. Let’s be real, it’s just cake. You really can’t screw up a cake; however, you can make a great cake with the right technique. The same can be said about a lacrosse shaft. At the end of the day, it’s just a pole you use with a lacrosse head on it. I’ve even seen a player convert a shovel into a decent lacrosse shaft with a bandsaw. The difference between a good shaft and a great shaft lies within the details. The minute separation from average and the initiative to create something different determine the quality of the lacrosse shaft. For your pleasure, Arc Lacrosse shafts are made with love, creativity, and, most importantly, a great deal of detail.

Arc Lacrosse Shafts Don’t Bend on Quality

Arc Lacrosse shafts are made to stand up, but also to then stand out. You want a product that serves a purpose, and you’re always looking for one that goes beyond the call of duty. Arc Lacrosse shafts are here to surpass your expectations in a subtle and specific manner.

Life’s About the Little Things

Before we go big picture, let’s start by looking at the fine print of Arc Lacrosse shafts. They are not just a lacrosse shaft company. Arc Lacrosse is a custom lacrosse shaft company. Besides their premade shafts, you can also purchase a completely customized shaft from them. A simple email can get you started, and then all you need to do is decide exactly what you’d like.

Besides the ability to create your own customized lacrosse shaft, each Arc Lacrosse shaft comes with some special details for a better product. They include a high-quality screw, a sheath-like bag, and a heavy duty end cap with each order. You can really get a screw anywhere, but getting one with your shaft is always a plus. The sheath/case/bag isn’t something you’ll probably use often, but it’s really nice just to have one. And let me tell you about that end cap. The shape of the Arc Lacrosse shaft end cap won’t wow you, but it’s durability rivals the very best out there. Get ready to be able to slam the end of your shaft on the ground again because this end cap can take it.

Proof, Pudding, and Performance

The custom red Stringers Society shaft that Arc sent us reminds me of an AL6000 shaft. Take that statement as you may because I really like that. I began playing with a red AL600 that looked and felt almost just like the custom Arc lacrosse shaft. The only difference was in the details.

The metal that Arc Lacrosse uses is a unique blend that they developed. This makes their shafts weight to strength ratio very impressive, and it also makes their shafts a commodity in lacrosse. Having a shaft that feels like it shouldn’t stand up to the beating that it can really astounded me. Imagine a pro smacking a fastball out of an MLB ballpark with a wiffleball bat instead of a wooden one and you’ll understand what I mean. It’s a little outrageous to believe when you’re using it, but the performance speaks for itself.

“If You Break it You Buy it” Or “If You Buy it You Can’t Break it?”

Having a one-year warranty for a lacrosse shaft it uncommon. Having a one-year warranty for a lacrosse shaft and only having to replace one a year is unheard of. Arc Lacrosse not only stands by their product, but they also have a product that stands up to the test. With their specific alloy composition that rivals that of an aircraft carrier, they are producing shafts that just don’t break.

This is especially difficult to do with a 60 inch lacrosse shaft because they deal with so much flex. Shooting, checking, and playing hard defense all lead to bends and breaks in most shafts, but Arc Lacrosse just seems to have mastered the recipe.


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