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Arc Lacrosse Shafts: How a Pioneer in The Paintball Industry Lends a Hand to Lacrosse

“Our background is primarily in the paintball industry where our company is a pioneer in developing gear for the sport. Bill Gardner is named inventor on 26 patents and is currently CEO of GOG Paintball,  Shocker Paintball, and Luxe Paintball.

Bill began playing paintball and running a recreational field while earning an MBA at Emory University, when the sport was still in its infancy. His knowledge of metals and engineering is a result of almost 30 years experience in developing and manufacturing equipment to improve the sport and move it forward for both professional and recreational players. Our original business was founded in 1989 and within ten years we moved from a garage into a 100,000 sq ft facility employing 225 people. We manufacture and sell wholesale as well as retail.

Bill helped found the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) in 1993 as well as the NXL (National Xball League). He played paintball professionally for fourteen years and won 57 tournaments with the All-Americans before retiring from the sport to coach the NXL team he owned with his brother (The Philadelphia Americans). They won two NXL championships in 2003 and 2004. The 2004 NXL Paintball World Cup Championship was televised on ESPN and produced by Dick Clark Productions. Bill was instrumental in negotiating this deal with Dick Clark and bringing paintball to TV.

The Beginning of Arc Lacrosse

Arc Lacrosse was established in March 2015 after Bill lent his expertise in metals, engineering, and equipment to three teenage sons who have the same love of lacrosse as he has for paintball. With their desire to see an upgrade in equipment, particularly shafts, Arc Lacrosse was launched.

The designs and finishes we use for Arc Lacrosse shafts are of the highest quality and consistent with those we use for markers and barrels in paintball. They are cosmetically unique, however, players quickly realize that they are also a solid piece of equipment. We engineered structural folds into the shafts to enhance durability. This, combined with our choice of alloys and finishes, makes our shafts lightweight yet tough which allows us to offer a one-year replacement warranty against bends or breaks for both attack and D-Poles.

We offer excellent team deals as well as the ability to customize with anodized colors and laser engraving. We offer a variety of finishes. This is the most exclusive, individually handcrafted alloy shaft on the market. See more at Arc Lacrosse.” -Arc Lacrosse 2017

Concluding Notes:

Stringers Society plans on testing out the products by Arc Lacrosse but hasn’t had the chance yet. Make sure to be on the lookout in the future for a full review and thoughts. In the meantime check out the hand picked related content below!

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