Vortex Mesh from East Coast Dyes is yet another example of innovation from the product development side of the industry. For a while now, the lacrosse mesh market has been stagnant and in need of a change when it comes to the actual design of the mesh. Companies like Warrior, Hero Mesh, and Phantom have released new synthetic lacrosse pockets but mesh has had the same design until now.

What Is East Coast Dyes Vortex Mesh?

From East Coast Dyes, “ECD Vortex™ hybrid mesh is designed for the modern game to build upon recent advancements. Featuring two distinct diamond structures, Vortex™ creates a SweetSpot in the pocket, giving you an unparalleled level of control and feel.” This combiniation allows for a controlled feel that then allows for a smooth release.

ECD Vortex Mesh Basic Facts

  • An average performance mesh price of $24.99, which is also comparable to some other favorites.
  • ECD Vortex Mesh comes in two different styles which are Semi-Soft and Semi-Hard.
  • The Mesh is produced in the United States with the help from Jima Lax
  • The Material that the Vortex Mesh is compromised of is Fully Weatherproof.

ecd vortex mesh

HybridWeave Technology Overview | ECD Vortex Mesh Review

ECD Vortex Mesh utilizes HybridWeave Technology which is what East Coast Dyes likes to refer to the two sizes & types of diamonds in which are incorporated into the lacrosse mesh. The top of the mesh and side three rows are the traditional diamonds which are the same size and shape as hero mesh. The difference though in Vortex Mesh is the center row starting after the fifth diamond row which includes a diamond structure shape compared to the traditional hexagon shape along with a larger sized diamonds. This diamond shaped structure is supposed to hug the ball better, providing extra hold

ecd vortex mesh review

Pocket Placement With SweetSpot Technolgy | ECD Vortex Mesh Review

SweetSpot Technology is used by ECD to describe the pocket that is created by the larger diamonds. Compared to a pocket with East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh, ECD Vortex Mesh with the same pattern will shift the pocket up a bit along with adding some additional whip to your pocket.

ecd vortex mesh review

Lightweight, Durable, & Weatherproof: LTH Fibers | ECD Vortex Mesh Review

LTH Fibers is the name of the actual material in which the mesh is compromised from. East Coast Dyes says they are lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. They also claim that these benefits translate to increased feel and faster shots.

Check Back Soon: Stringing Article on way along with Mesh Breakin and Final Thoughts

Where to buy ECD Vortex Mesh?

  1. East Coast Dyes Semi-Soft Vortex Mesh
  2. East Coast Dyes Semi-Hard Vortex Mesh (Bonus Free Laynard)

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