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I trekked to LaxCon 2018 in search of all things lacrosse. Spoiler. That’s exactly what I found.

The First Day of LaxCon 2018

Stringers Society decided to pull out all the stops for LaxCon 2018 and do our first full video. We took to the convention center of downtown Baltimore and attacked LaxCon with zeal. I found myself as the lead interviewer and, I became alive in front of the camera as we roamed the floor of LaxCon. Besides being able to meet several friends of ours for the first time face-to-face, we also made many new friends and heard many new stories. That’s what LaxCon was truly about for myself and the rest of Stringers Society as we encountered our first day there.

LaxCon does have a lot of pro players, big brands, and product placement; but the people who are truly there out of a love for the game are the ones we were thrilled to see. And we want to see you too! If you’re in Baltimore for the 20th or 21st for LaxCon 2018 then be looking out for us and say “hey” when you get a chance. We’re always excited to hear from anyone in the community with something to say so don’t be shy.

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