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Nike Vapor 2.0 Arm Pad Review

Stringers Society is always excited about the best advancements in lacrosse protection and helping the game. The better the equipment the better the experience for the player. The Nike Vapor 2.0 Arm Pad is just another example of lacrosse equipment advancing into a more modern age.


  • Price: $74.99
  • Protection Rating: B
  • Style Rating: A+
  • Mobility: A+
  • Comfort: A+

The Nike Vapor 2.0 Arm Pads are perfect for defenders and midfielders

Arm Guards are typically used by attackmen who get checked often and need protection. The Nike Vapor 2.o are Arm Pads, which are much smaller and only cover the “cap” of your elbow. This helps with more mobility and less weight to carry around while playing. They are typically worn by defenders and midfielders who don’t take as many checks as the guys at attack. If you play attack these probably aren’t the best choice for you, but we aren’t going to stop you if you want them.

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The Nike Vapor 2.0 Arm Pads have just enough protection

There is nothing worse in lacrosse than playing with bad arm protection combined with heavy checks from defenders. Usually, poor protection also means poor mobility. The unfortunate combination translates to lost accuracy when passing and shooting.  Nike incorporates shock absorbent material into these arm pads to solve that problem and increase your range of motion. While keeping the material ultra-lightweight and adding an ergonomic construction, players are able to have a natural range of motion. To make sure that these arm pads wouldn’t slip off of players arms Nike added an internal silicone grip pattern & dual straps to ensure that they wouldn’t budge when playing. Overall, these arm pads are a great choice for any defender or midfielder looking to upgrade this season. Though they are a little steep in price, the quality of protection & thought out design is well worth it.

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