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The Highlighter – Weekly Lacrosse Tips

It’s true we can all always get a little better. It’s also true that we don’t all have loads of time on our hands. Moving through the excess of information out there is a difficult goose chase when you want help now. Having the answers right in front of you is obviously easier, and being given the tools for success lets you get on your way much quicker. That’s why in 1963 Carter’s Ink Company invented the Hi-Liter. This revolutionary device made marking the most important sections, or reading those sections from a used textbook, the new way to learn more effectively.

So we took that novel idea and applied it to lacrosse for you. Fast facts every week that get you what you need to know. Look out for every Wednesday’s Highlighter coming out with useful tips for any fan of the game to use.

JV to Varsity Lacrosse – Advice & Guidance

So you just moved from JV lacrosse to varsity. Or you’re trying to make the leap this year and get to run with the big dawgs. Well take a breather and focus up. Becoming a varsity player that’ll contribute takes more than wishing and wanting. It takes some doing. Here are 5 tips for you if you feel like doing some doing.

Be Humble

” Big fish win in small ponds, but sharks live in the ocean”

Just because you might have tore it up on JV, don’t expect to do the same on varsity. Come in ready to be at the bottom of the barrel, but having it be deserved. You are there for a reason, but that reason might be just to watch and learn. Your day will eventually come on varsity; that’s a fact. But today might not be that day. So don’t jump ahead of yourself and have to get put back in your place because it won’t be fun.


“You have 2 ears, but 1 mouth”

If you decide to take in all the advice around you, something will stick. Something that someone says will inspire you for the rest of your life and give you a bigger purpose. There will be a moment that may not mean anything to anyone else, but it’ll be one you remember for the rest of your life when you need motivation. So don’t be talking when that moment is happening.


“Never be afraid to ask a question”

If you ask a good, question you’ll get a good answer. If you ask a bad question, you’ll know what one looks like.


“It’s actually better to ask for permission than to beg for forgiveness”

Don’t get on your coach’s, or another player’s, bad side because you wanted to write your own headline. Even the star of the team has a role to fill, and you should know what your role is. The best supporting actor can get an Oscar even when the lead puts on a bad show. So don’t try to do something wild or crazy to stand out because tried and true will get you closer to being on the field. This doesn’t mean don’t be creative. This means find out what you’re allowed to try before you just go ahead and do it.


“Refuse to be relegated”

Once you make it, stay in it. You earned your spot, but you must continue to earn it. Each day will be a test and there are no do-overs. Don’t let there be a reason for you to move back down to JV lacrosse once you make it to varsity. You’re going to have to be on top of your game, but you’ll be much better for it.

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