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So What a Special Interlock Lacrosse Knot?

The Special Interlock lacrosse knot is one of the most used lacrosse knots for stringing a lacrosse stick. While a normal interlock knot secures the mesh to the inside of the lacrosse head, a Special Interlock or SI knot helps pull the mesh down and sit on top of the sidewall. Pulling your lacrosse mesh down using an SI provides a few benefits for your pocket that other knots don’t. Other lacrosse knots in this series are basic lacrosse knots (1’s and 2’s) and advance lacrosse knots such as the stacked special interlock.

  • First, you are able to define a channel in your stick which is used as a runway for the ball.
  • Second, this channel you have created in your lacrosse pocket helps add ball security to your stick.

This security, also known as hold, can be added to your stick many ways. Including a channel with an SI allows for more “natural” hold, rather than “rigid” hold from tight shooters. Be careful though not to pull your SI Knot too far down as it could cause the lacrosse ball to get stuck in the channel of your stick or create excessive whip in your pocket.

Variations of the Special Interlock & Common Names

The Special Interlock has a few variations you can also try that build off an SI. These include the Stacked Special Interlock, the Knotted Special Interlock, and the Knotted Stacked Special Interlock. Common Names used to reference the Special Interlock Lacrosse Knot: SI Lacrosse Knot, SI, Standard Interlock,  Special Interlock.

Step One of stringing a Special Interlock Lacrosse Knot

STEP 1: The first step to stringing an SI knot going through the backside of the lacrosse mesh. Once you go through the back side of the Lacrosse Mesh you will want to put your lacrosse sidewall string through the outside of the lacrosse head.

STEP 2: The second step to stringing an SI lacrosse knot comes after you feed your sidewall string through the outside of your stick. It’s pretty simple from here, all you need to do is feed the string around and under the same diamond in your lacrosse mesh that you originally went through the back of.

Step 3: Lastly, all you need to do is pull the sidewall string in your lacrosse stick tight.

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