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Corners are no match for the StringKing Legend W. Just like StringKing’s men’s lacrosse heads, the Legend W delivers precision and accuracy consistently. You get the ability to place the ball anywhere that you want at a moments notice, and there’s no lack of power either. After a few weeks, we finally have our take on the Legend W and we are blown away by its amazing performance. Stringers Society couldn’t be bigger fans of the Legend W from StringKing and we are big believers in bringing mesh to women’s lacrosse.

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Legend W Is StringKing’s New Major Advancement For Women’s Lacrosse

As a male player, using a women’s lacrosse stick has always been a fun alternative to my regular stick. I have so much respect for the women’s players because of the difference in stick legality compared to men. Having to use a stick with a pocket that shallow puts all the emphasis on control and skill, and I don’t have it. With that in mind, I can actually pull some maneuvers with the Legend W.

After using the Legend W for a few weeks, I have developed a profound love for using it whenever I can. There is a much more refined feel in the mesh-strung Legend W than any women’s stick I have ever used. Fakes are easy to pull off, shots feel very natural, and everything is placed where I want it. The only real downside is the effects of use on the mesh. Keeping the pocket legal is a fluctuating issue because of break-in. A quick retie of the bottom string always fixes it, but you need to account for this before any play.

Elite Level Shooting Never Before Seen In A Women’s Lacrosse Head

I don’t think I have ever used a stick that is as accurate as the Legend W for shooting. It is so much easier to shoot with this Legend W compared to a men’s lacrosse stick. There is a uniform release point that is perfect for muscle memory and hitting corners. You can also shoot from different levels and get a serious amount of lift on shots. In my opinion, putting your shots exactly where you want them has never been easier. I feel totally in control when using the Legend W and confidence with this stick is never going to be an issue.

stringking legend w womens lacrosse head

Ground Balls Made Easy With The StringKing Legend W

The Scoop and flare on the Legend W are also to die for. One handed or two, you can’t miss a GB when using the Legend W because it scoops them right up. This head is a swiss army knife of quality on the carpet that can’t be beaten. There’s no groundball that can’t be picked up when using the Legend W. It’s got a scoop that any player would be glad to have on their stick during a game. I am extremely impressed by the performance of the Legend W for its air and land assets, and I’m sure that most would agree.

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