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There are plenty of perks that come with playing with a 60-inch lacrosse shaft. Defensemen and LSMs have the benefit of reach for defense and groundballs with a d-pole. This is all fine during the game, but after you’re done playing you must take that 60-inch lacrosse shaft home. You can easily fit a full set of lacrosse gear in a backpack for traveling, but a full d-pole causes problems. Before Twin Lacrosse’s Trinity shaft, bringing a 60-inch lacrosse shaft anywhere was a huge hassle. You can now choose a Trinity and be able to dismantle your stick for easy travel and convenience.

Twin Lacrosse Made Playing Defense Easier on Parents

While the Trinity shaft is built to withstand elite play, it will do wonders for the youth game too. Plenty of parents shudder at the idea of their child playing defense because they don’t have the car space. No Mini Cooper can house a d-pole, and it’s not like you’re going to get a new car after little Johnny’s Coach decided to change his position. The hassle makes the position a turn-off, and players opt to play middie or attack instead. While older players will gripe about the effectiveness of a three-piece lacrosse shaft, younger players will get a way to try defense before committing to a long pole and get two attack shafts as well.

With a simple and efficient product like the Trinity shaft, any player can bring a d-pole anywhere. More practice opportunities will be available and you’ll get it much more work. Retired player Kyle Sweeney once wrote about having to take his 60-inch lacrosse shaft on the subway in order to get from work to his MLL practices and games. This was a huge hassle that he endured for the sake of lacrosse. I guarantee he would’ve rather taken a Trinity shaft with him to make going to practice a breeze. Even if you don’t believe in the Trinity’s resilience or ability, you must respect its travel and storage benefits. As your backup stick, travel stick, practice stick, or the most versatile gamer, the Trinity always has a place.

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