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What Can Backyard Lacrosse Do For Me?

Convenience- There is nowhere easier to go to than your own backyard. Don’t have a literal backyard? Use your front yard, side yard, or anywhere you can. Your basement can even be your backyard because it is more of an idea than a place. The “backyard” is what you make of it, or rather where you make it.

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Peace- Going to an open stadium, a gym, or a league can be intimidating. If other people are around, you often feel unwanted wandering eyes. This can not only get you off your game but also make you self-conscious. It is important to feel comfortable when working on improving your game so being secluded is sometimes best for focus. You can really just be yourself, not be afraid to make mistakes and put all you have into becoming better.

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Simplicity- While having a backup net, turf, a solid net on a new goal, fresh balls, and a bounce-back can be really nice it can be too much sometimes. I am a firm believer that using what is available to you, and rather simple in creation, can be the best resource. A large stone or piece of wood for wall ball makes you pass more precisely. Having a goal with a ratty net makes you pick your spot more efficiently. Not having a backup net makes you own your misses and chase them. You will become a more humble player in the backyard from having to appreciate what is available to you.

What Should I Do In The Backyard?

Experiment and grow as a player. The best way to learn is to try different things and focus on being fluid. While shooting and passing like a rocket can create some awesome highlights, the best players use precision. The Thompson brothers would cover their goals with a piece of wood with a hole the size of a ball and play off that. Being able to pass through the small hole made their accuracy unreal. This accuracy translated into becoming some of the most precise and dialed in shooters/passers in the game. This is a simple activity you can easily recreate for yourself.

Trying to work on your BTB, around the world, and other styles of shots is also a great backyard activity. You need to start your journey somewhere and a backyard is a perfect place. If you try to use these creative passes and shots too quickly in practice or games then you might be spending the rest of the season on the bench. If you work on these skills in the backyard where there is no pressure or repercussions, then you can excel on your own time. Then you can work your way up to becoming John Grant Jr. without the embarrassment of a BTB pass that goes to no one and costs you a lap.

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So What’s The “All Backyard Team”?

We at Stringers Society want to display the very best and most dedicated backyard players. Those of you who take their lacrosse career seriously and spend a great deal of time working in the backyard are who we want to congratulate. We think that your videos will inspire others to become more serious about their play. This can also help others get ideas about how to improve their own backyard setup. If you have any pictures or videos of you working in the backyard or your set up please send them to us or post them with the hashtag #AllBackyardTeam. This will allow us to see your content so we can help spread it to more players and create a collection to help our game grow. Remember, inspiring other players is what lacrosse is all about and all of us have seen another player that we want to become. By helping us display the very best place for players to learn, our sport will only get bigger and better. So get in the backyard and work on becoming the very best you can, then send us your videos to help the future of our sport.

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