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Keep Your Feet Sweet So You Don’t Get Beat: Best Lacrosse Cleats

The fastest game on two feet requires speed, and confidence in your footwork. From offense to defense you need to be able to move efficiently to be the best player you can be. Having the best lacrosse cleats for your lacrosse position and play style can really help your game. Having the wrong cleats can conversely really hurt your game. Turf or grass, players must be able to cut and move without sliding or falling. Your cleat can really influence that stability and quickness, which both can make or break your playing. So keep this list in mind when you are deciding on what cleats to get this upcoming season.

 The Best Lacrosse Cleats For Speed/Cutting on Offense

Fast or Last can be the name of the game on offense. Being able to fly by defenders on a dodge or cut is a very easy way to score or get open. Having cleats that are lighter and allow for quickness will shed seconds off your pace. This normally means a low-cut cleat for less material to weigh you down. Luckily, we have low and high options for the fastest players on the field.

Nike Alpha Huarache 6 Elite

The latest in the Huarache line from Nike, the 6 Elite is speed and versatility for an attacking monster. You can get the jump on any defender in these, and the comfort is to die for. When you look at the pros and best collegiate players out there, this Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 6 is the standard of excellence. You can trust the ankle stability of this cleat for any position and any player, but the grip and traction give the cleat it’s best asset. Moving on the field has never been easier because you’ll always feel connected to the turf. The cleat plate on the Huarahce 6 is truly elite in every way.

Nike Vapor Untouchable: Pro or 2

The entire Nike Vapor line is speed embodied in footwear. These are easily the fastest cleat in the game currently excluding using soccer cleats. The unfortunate part is that soccer cleats lack a toe cleat that helps with starting and stopping quickly, so use those at your own risk. I would stick to the Vapor Untouchable which I would call the best lacrosse cleat for speed. Incredibly light and incorporating a carbon fiber foot plate means stability within speed. If you want to be the fastest on the field, you’ll want a pair.

The Best Lacrosse Cleats For Defense: Standing Your Ground!

Making the last stand and keeping the offense from scoring often means standing your ground. If your cleat can’t plant you in the turf or dirt you could find yourself letting goals slip away. Get a pair of cleats that lets you confidently press the offense back without losing an inch!

Under Armour Highlight

The Highlight is not only one of the best lacrosse cleats for defense, but it also is great for offense. The real strength of this cleat is ankle stability. There is no movement, sliding, or rotating of your ankle to make you falter. This stability and secure feeling makes the Highlight perfect for creating a solid base for any defender to play from the ground up. On offense, you can post up against players and make the most of your cuts when wearing the Under Armour Highlight. Overall it is a great cleat, but I strongly advise it most for defenders that want a secure feeling in their cleats.

Nike Savage: Elite, Pro, Varsity

Nike came out with the Savage several years after Under Armour came out with the Highlight. So they might have slightly borrowed inspiration from the Highlight, but we aren’t the ones to say. Anyway, the Savage is a similar cleat with superb stability. If anything there is a slightly better sense of security in the Savage. Ndamukong Suh actually wears and pushes this cleat, which is designed for linemen. That is where all of the ankle security and stability comes into play, which translates perfectly into lacrosse without being too clunky.

The Best Lacrosse Cleat For Playing Lacrosse

The New Balance Freeze

This is absolutely the best lacrosse cleat out there right now. The angular cleat spikes on the side are great for defense, offense, faceoffs, and anything else. I have no negatives about this cleat except the limited color options that New Balance offered. Besides that, there are no flaws and I am looking forward to a second line coming out in the future. For now, you can snag a few colors and get the best lacrosse cleat with unmatched performance and comfort. This cleat took the lacrosse world by storm and hasn’t gone away at all. I expect this to be the most worn cleat in lacrosse for at least another year or two because of the incredible performance of this cleat.

The Warrior Burn 9.0 Mid and Low

Warrior has been bringing the burn for quite some time, and they continue to do the same. Both, the Burn 9.0 Mid and Low, are made using ExploWeave, which is resistant to stretching and wear. These, and the older Burns, can normally be found for a great deal at many retailers. Snagging a pair of Burns is a solid move for any player, but check to see which height is best. Burns are classic, and most lacrosse players have found themselves in a pair of them at some point.

What Are the Other Options?

If none of these cleats seem to tickle your fancy then I would check out Adidas, Warrior, Boombah, and other Nike cleats. Under Armour also has some other lacrosse designated cleats that many players are fans of too. The main thing to keep in mind is finding a cleat that will accent your skills. If you aren’t fast and you buy a speed cleat don’t expect to suddenly be a speedster. Instead, focus on what can make you stand out as a different asset that can help your team. maybe get stability cleats and work on the crease instead? There are just as many options as there are cleats so keep an open mind!

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