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What’s The Best Lacrosse Mouthguard?

Being able to communicate on the field is crucial in Lacrosse because knowing where your teammates are and what they are thinking boosts team chemistry. You also want to make sure to stay out of other’s way. Having a bad mouth guard can make it hard to talk to your teammates and lead to confusion or mistakes. These mouth guards can also be uncomfortable or not be protective. Remember, the best lacrosse mouthguard also protects your pearly whites and several bones in your face. We did our research and read several reviews online from customers, then used our personal experiences to get the best understanding of which mouthguards are the top of the line. Our top 3 picks are SISU Mouthguards, Gladiator Mouthguards, and the Shock Doctor Double for Braces.

Best Lacrosse Mouthguard  | What Matters in a Lacrosse Mouth Guard

Selecting the best mouth guard, much like any piece of equipment, should be a balance of:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Style

For a comfortable mouth guard, you should get one that forms to your mouth or is pre-made by a dental professional. Pre-made mouthguards may be pricey, but if you know that your teeth are done shifting it is a valuable investment and provides the best overall comfort, protection, and style. Ask your dentist, orthodontist, or check out Gladiator Mouth Guards who make customs starting at $55, that are made from EVA foam which lasts for many seasons. Gladiator mouthguards are used by many professional athletes including Lebron James and Jack Eichel, and if they use them then you better believe that these mouthguards work as hard as they do!

Best Lacrosse Mouthguard Option #2 | Not looking to spend $55 on a mouth Guard then…

If you aren’t looking for anything custom then SISU is the best mouth guard for communication and breathing. You also won’t have any problems drinking during wear. The mouth guard is perforated for a light and adjustable form that is perfect for competition. SISU mouthguards are incredibly thin which makes them barely noticeable and great for comfort. They also are over 30% better on average with impact resistance than EVA mouthguards that are much thicker. These mouthguards are perforated and harder than your average mouthguard to diffuse more impact when hit. This type of technology, called Diffusix, is exactly why SISU mouthguards are the official mouthguard of the NLL, USA Lacrosse, and US Lacrosse.

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Best Lacrosse Mouthguard Option #3 | Lastly, In third place

Another great option is any Shock Doctor product, especially if you have BRACES!!! Shock Doctor puts safety first and while they might not be the best-looking mouth guards in the game, they are comfortable. Your teeth will thank you for buying one. They are much softer than Gladiator and SISU mouthguards. Which are a plus for comfort, but the model you choose will determine how much breathability you have. If you have braces and are looking for comfort with breathability you need a Shock Doctor Double for Braces. This mouth guard will cover both your top and bottom jaw to protect both sets of teeth. Keep in mind that while you can’t try this options on in the store, you can do research like this! Understand that top and bottom mouthguards like Shock Doctor are a must for people with braces.

What about style?

As far as color goes for your mouth guard; Do whatever you want! Mouth guards are one of the few pieces of equipment that don’t have to match anything else. Get checkerboards, flames, hot pink, gold, rainbow, etc. Who cares!? You’re allowed to have the freedom to spice up your appearance in Lacrosse so, do it with your mouth guard. Rather than your stick or your helmet because you’ll attract the wrong kind of attention. Just don’t wear your rival’s colors and you should be able to look great, play well, and keep those whites pearly!

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