What came first? The lacrosse stick, or the hand? Most would clearly say the hand, but then why are most lacrosse buttends designed for the stick? If you really look at most lacrosse buttends, they don’t offer any benefit to the player because they are designed for legality issues, not performance. You need a buttend to play, but that doesn’t mean you need a buttend that will let you down. That’s why many players opt to make their own lacrosse buttends out of tape.

Grip Rx saw this glaring issue and decided to make a change. Their product approaches the buttend requirement from a completely different angle. Instead of starting with the stick, Grip Rx lacrosse buttends start with your hand and work backward. This design from Grip Rx allows players to literally have a better grip on their stick and improve their shooting. The proof is truly in the pudding, and these guys at Grip Rx really like pudding.

Grip Rx Lacrosse Buttends Turn Shots into Scorchers

My personal experience with the Grip Rx is very positive, and I’d recommend it to most players looking to improve their shooting. The best aspect of the Grip Rx is the added control you get by using it. Your bottom wrist gets much more leverage when shooting, and the angle of the Grip Rx helps with snapping your shot. That last snap from your wrist can be the difference between a goal and a save, and it often is. The wrist helps propel the ball with a higher velocity than before because it adds to the rotational momentum of your shot with that extra leverage. Once you pick up a Grip Rx, you’ll easily feel the difference and be able to appreciate the value.

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Pick the Grip Rx and then Pick Corners

Using the Grip Rx will change your shot, but it’ll change it for the better. It will take a little time to get used to; however, the change will help you become the shooter you wish you were. Kyle Harrison is the main athlete associated with the Grip Rx, and he is a constant user. His shooting is second to none, and he uses the Grip Rx because it just makes sense. The way it is designed truly makes you wonder why no other buttends feel the same way. You can also really tell your shots are faster than before. I even won the Grip Rx shooting contest at LaxCon 2018 because the Grip Rx helped my shooting improve by an extra 5 mph from what I was shooting without it.

This small victory on my behalf is now a chance for you to win a signed article on the Grip Rx and a Grip Rx from Kyle Harrison. You can check out the contest on our Instagram, and you can also check in on our other thoughts on the Grip Rx in our Top Lacrosse Buttends post.

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