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LaxCon 2018 with Liz Hogan

If you’re talking tendys in women’s lacrosse, you’re probably talking about Liz Hogan. She has dominated the cage as a relentless keeper, and when I attended LaxCon 2018 she was nice enough to speak with me. Besides being a force to be reckoned with in goal, Liz is also an avid stringer who was able to share some insight into the new women’s mesh advancements. She is looking forward to the ways that the game may change with the addition of mesh, and she also is still looking for her favorite piece of mesh for women.

Check out Liz Hogan’s Website Here – 2Lacrosse

Liz Hogan Takes Stringers Society on the STX Bus

Liz has an impressive career resume of being a #1 draft pick, all-American, and college goalie of the year. Getting the chance to pick her brain made me feel a little insignificant, but her friendly attitude and openness really help me feel at ease. I was really able to see how well she relates to other people and how she can communicate freely with anyone. This is a great skill to have as a goalie who is commanding a defense, but it’s also super beneficial to lacrosse’s growth.

The number of girls and young women who lined up to meet Liz was impressive; however, her taking the time to talk with so many of them and relate to their passion creates memories that create the next generation of great athletes. Each girl and woman talking to Liz got a chance to really meet her, instead of getting rushed through a line or standing in a mass in front of her. That personal connection between player to player, as a role model of success, will help motivate and inspire more players for years to come. Liz may have been the first draft pick of the UWLX, but her influence will reach the draft picks of the next 20 drafts.

Having more players like Liz, who were so willing to talk lacrosse and also get personal in a comfortable setting will only help fuel the growth of women’s lacrosse and we can’t wait. STX is always advancing lacrosse technology, and Liz is going to be on the forefront of their innovation.

Thank You STX Lacrosse

Women’s lacrosse is growing more rapidly than the men’s game, and it’s about we give the right attention to women’s lacrosse. Liz is doing her part, it’s up to the players to observe and replicate. Thank you again to Liz and the STX team for accommodating us; you easily had the nicest wheels at Lax Con 2018. Look for other upcoming interviews and be sure to keep up with Liz on her Instagram @Liz_hogan02.

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