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Box Lacrosse Pocket On A STX Super Power

You have probably heard of the sought after box lacrosse pocket and the many advantages that it has to offer. In this article, we are going to break down the pros and cons of our pinched STX Super Power, so you are set up for success. If you haven’t heard of box lacrosse and are confused already then, I suggest you start with our article, What Is Box Lacrosse and How You Can Play it? Just to warn you this article is not a tutorial for how to pinch a lacrosse head nor how to string a box pocket just a insiders opinion on them.

pinched STX Super power box head with mongul mesh

Using the Pinched STX Super Power with a Box Pocket is a lot of fun and I really enjoy playing with this stick because I think it forces you to have better stick skills.

Breaking down the pinched STX Super Power pocket

  • STX Super Power pocket
  • Mid-High
  • Shifty Pocket
  • Mongol Semi- Soft Wax Mesh
  • Quick & Smooth Release
  • Lots of hold and feel

Pinched Heads Make You Better?

No, but the thinner face makes wallball more difficult and firing the ball back and forth quickly can get to be pretty tough. With less area to use for catching, you have to be more careful with the ball and precise with your stick to catch it. If you can adjust to the thin face and use it well, then it is a huge bonus for ball security. The thin head allows the ball to be in a channel the whole time that wraps around the ball. This channel also is useful for throwing because it really directs your passes.

I heard that box pockets are less accurate, is that true?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors such as the type of mesh, pocket placement, shooter setup, whip, drag and well you get the point. In reference to this pocket, there is a ton of accuracy in this stick and once you start using it more you become very consistent. The stringing worked very well with the shape of this head after the pinch and it makes this a great feeding stick. You can also get some nice rips in as a shooter, but the handles and ability to dish with this stick make it special.

The minor downside to having a pinched head

There isn’t much to mention for a downside on this pinched STX Super Power except for the scoop. Pinching the head made the scoop very narrow and picking up ground balls is very similar to catching. There just isn’t much room for error. If you aren’t 100% straight on the ball, you aren’t getting it. This could be a big problem for players that struggle already with ground balls, but if you can get the ball off the carpet then you’re fine.

Concluding Thoughts

I haven’t used the stick in much competitive play, but it worked well in the few times I broke it out. I have mainly used it as a “fun stick” for training and playing around, but the function is there. The unique shape and great control of the ball (security, accuracy, and power) makes it one of my favorites. Using this for your wall ball routine will only make you a better player and using it for messing around will only make you have fun.

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